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American republican George H.W Bush, born on June 12, 1924, ruled the great America from 1989 to 1993 as 41st president. Bush Previously a congress man, ambassador and director of intelligence is the oldest former President and 43rd Vice President of U.S. He failed to win the Republican nomination for President in 1980.In 1988, in support of Regan Bush ran a campaign , defeating Democratic opponent Dukakis. But he lost the  presidential election 1992 to Democrat Bill Clinton.

In 1993 Bush left office & consecrated his presidential library  in 1997, and he has been active—often alongside Bill Clinton—in various humanitarian activities.

Early life and Education

George H.W Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts, on 12th June, 1924, to Dorothy & Prescott Sheldon Bush. Following his birth, the Bush family switch to Greenwich, Connecticut. Being wealthy family his parents brought up their children to be humble, taught them importance of public service and giving back to society.

Baby George H W Bush at his grandfather's house.
Baby George H W Bush at his grandfather’s house.

His formal education was done at the Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich. in 1936, he joined Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, where he was elected to a number of honorable positions including president – senior class, secretary- student council , president of fund-raising group, a part of the school newspaper editorial board , and head boy of both soccer teams and the varsity baseball .

George H W bush in his college years. He loved football.
George H W bush in his college years. He loved football. This Photo is  from  Andover.

George H. W. Bush was in Navy

On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the us armed forces. Bush was youngest pilot in force during World War II , he flied 58 combat missions.& torpedo bomber He was hit by Japanese antic raft fire over the Pacific .Anyhow he manage to save himself from the water by a U. S. force submarine..Honoring his bravery he was awarded by the Distinguished Flying Cross.

George H W Bush was in Navy and fought in world war II.
George H W Bush was in Navy and fought in world war II.

Bush got discharged from the US Navy in September and enrolled at Yale University. He completed a graduation degree in economics by 1948. At Yale, he was captain baseball & also a part of the Skull and Bones society, an underground society on college. Just after graduation Bush engage on a career in the oil industry of West Texas. In 1950, Bush along with his friend formed an oil development company in Midland. After formation of 3 year they tie up with another company. By the 1954, Bush held the presidency of a subsidiary, Zapata Off-Shore Company and serve till 1966 as chairman. But his hunger was for politics.

George H W bush at Zapata Oil Rig. He was investor on oil business.
George H W bush at Zapata Oil Rig. He was investor on oil business.

He sold his interests to focus on politics when he became the Republican Party chairman in Harris County, Texas. He started watering on grassroots relation as chairman and worked really hard to tone his picture as a conservative. Bush had always maintained PR, and as chairman he was able to nourish relationships with Republican Party. Following unsuccessful Republican candidate for the Senate in 1964, Bush again ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1966 from Houston’s 7th district. And finally entered in the House of Representatives in 1967. This was the get go of a capacious political career.

Married Life of Bush

Papa Bush, 92 and his wife Barbara Bush, 91 has a record of the longest married US president. In January 6, 2017 they were celebrating their 72nd years of marriage. They married in 1945. The second longest married US presidential couple are Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter. They were married in 1946.

Bush and Barbara have six children together, four son and two daughter. The eldest was George W Bush who also served as 43rd US president from (2001-2009). Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Dorothy Bush, Marvin Bush and Robin Bush are their other children. The youngest daughter Robin died at three due to leukemia.

George H W Bush and Barbara Bush wedding Photo. WW II was raging at that time.
George H W Bush and Barbara Bush wedding Photo. WW II was raging at that time.

The Bush couple first mate at the Christmas dance party; at that time they were 16 and 15. They got engaged after 18 months from their first meeting. After their engagement, Bush started his training as a Navel Torpedo Bomber Pilot and became the youngest US pilot.George loved Barbara very much. He even named his three warplanes after her name; Barbara I, Barbara II and Barbara III.

Bush returned from war and married her at the age of 21, Barbara was 20. Barbara dropped out of college two weeks before their marriage.

In a 1994 love letter, George wrote to his beloved wife,

“I was very happy on that day in 1945, but I’m even happier today. You give me joy that few men know. I’ve climbed perhaps the highest mountain in the world, but even that cannot hold a candle to being Barbara’s husband.”

Papa Bush and Barbara Bush holding hand. 72 years of marriage and they are still in love as they first met.
Papa Bush and Barbara Bush holding hand. 72 years of marriage and they are still in love as they first met.

Political Career

Gorge was reelected in 1968. In Congress he fend for Vietnam War & voted for President Johnson’s Great Society program, along with the Civil Rights Bill (1968) to crook discrimination in housing, a gallant vote for a congressman. After unsuccessfully ran for the two times for the Senate, he was ordained to a series of high-level positions: Ambassador to the United Nations President Richard Nixon in 1070, Chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1973, Chief of the U. S. Liaison Office in the People’s Republic of China 1974, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

His journey was not to stop there; he rejoined the corporate world back in Houston and started making strategy for the presidential campaign (1980). he began with zero. He started reinstating his Texas contacts. His opposition was former governor of California Ronald Reagan. As the campaign off to New Hampshire, Bush was dragged in an incident which becomes lore of political history. The Telegraph newspaper (Nashua) offers a debate between Reagan and Bush.

As Senator Dole murmured about his ejection, Reagan’s campaign funded debate and invited the other candidates, unknown to Bush. Bush was surprised when he makes it to the debate and saw all the unknown candidates with Reagan on stage. Reagan respond, “I m paying for this microphone!”In the stage highlight Reagan’s intensity and stature and reflected badly on Bush, who seemed maze. All over bush lose New Hampshire’s against Reagan’s by 27%. He lost most of all primaries, and withdrew later to support Reagan, who choose Bush as his running mate.

After accepting Reagan’s proposal, Bush was criticized for changing his prior positions on issues i.e abortion and the economy to become more compatible with Reagan’s button down views. Bush hold vice-presidency during Reagan’s tenure in the White House, from 1981-1989.Bush as well became the first Vice President to host as Acting President , on 13th July, 1985,when Reagan went through surgery , authorizing Bush as president for approx eight hours.In November 1986, Regan’s presidency was jolted by scandal that results to the broke of the Iran-Contra affair. The rumors involved the administration secretly selling arms to Iraqi to free surety held by a terrorist group in Lebanon and funding to buy weapons for the anticommunist Contras, brawling against the Sandinista in Nicaragua.

This was totally against U.S. policy, and the law. A few of officials in Reagan’s administration abject over the scandal. Bush was hit hardly by speculation of his involvement in the whole affair. Like Reagan, he assured the people that he had been “out of the loop” and was unaware of the play of funds. Although it’s the mystery about the Iran-Contra affair, most sources believe that Bush was neither involved in crafting the policy nor knowledgeable about its implementation.

Bush real test came in 1990 when Saddam Hussein trench upon Kuwait. Bush ordered troops to Saudi Arabia and form an international alliance. “Operation Desert Storm” was formed with 4,25,000 American troops and 11,8000 allied nation troops. The liberation of Kuwait went successful without ant loss of lives on the side of the allied troops after a week of air and missile bombardment, land battle of 100 hr. This time Bush popularity gone high. About 90% of the people commend of the way Bush was handling his office.

But as nothing is granted, Bush’s popularity did not take long before the economic situation in the United States .The recession from 1990-1991 arose questions about bush presidency. the Americans blame Bush for disregarding domestic issues. This became a cause to Bush’s defeat in the 1992 presidential elections. The Democrat Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd President of the U.S.A.

He has been active in various humanistic activities. Bush cover news headlines by joining Republicans who obstruct the GOP(republican party) nominee, Donald Trump for presidency by announcing his support to Hillary Clinton., former Secretary of State.

George H W Bush in debate with Democrat Bill Clinton in 42nd US presidential Debate.
George H W Bush in debate with Democrat Bill Clinton in 42nd US presidential Debate.

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