Abe Wallach is a former top executive in the Trump Organisation. Reportedly, he has been convicted of numerous crimes over a long period of his life before and after working for Donald Trump.

Early Life and Education

Abe Wallach is a relatively unknown person related to billionaire US President Donald Trump. although much is not known about Wallach’s early life, he went to reputed Columbia University for a degree in business.

Personal Life

Abe Wallach’s personal life also remains a mystery to the media.

Career – Donald Trump and Abe Wallach

Graduating from Columbia University with a degree in business, Abe Wallach started working in the real estate sector in New York City. By 1989, he had already appeared in numerous television shows as an expert in real estate business. in 1989, Wallach appeared on ‘The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour’ whereby he was invited to comment on Donald Trump’s collapsing Trump empire. For an answer, Wallach said, “If you pay too much for properties and if your ego is as large as his is, and you just buy everything in sight, part of the blame has to rest squarely in your own lap.”

For egoistic Donald Trump, this statement was hurtful. Hence, he sued Abe Wallach for $250 million. Although the lawsuit was brought down later, Wallach was summoned to talk to Donald Trump in Trump Tower. Soon, he became the vice president of finance and acquisitions for the Trump Organisation. He worked with billionaire businessman for more than 12 years. During this period, Wallach has made Trump empire richer, more famous and successful.

In 1994, Abe Wallack he went to Hong Kong in order to sign a deal with billionaire Vincent Lo. As per some reports, the financing contract was ‘the biggest deal in the history of New York real estate’. Likewise, in the same year, Wallach was the commander for Trump who flew to Japan to gather intelligence on controlling Empire State Building. Likewise, Abe also made the financing deal for Trump World Tower in New York.

Although Abe Wallach seems to be a genius mind behind Trump’s success, he is a serial criminal. During the business trips, he had purchased fancy goods from stolen credit cards. However, such criminal behavior was not known to Trump until 2001. As the past uncovered, it appeared Abe Wallach was an obsessed criminal who had been involved in such heinous acts since long before. Within 30 years before and after engaging with the Trump Organisation, Wallach had been arrested for more than 15 times in five different states. Reportedly, Abe sometimes presented the stolen things to Donald Trump.

On Donald Trump’s inability to judge Abe Wallach, Hope Hicks said, “Mr. Trump acted out of compassion. He recognized this was a sickness and was optimistic Abe would seek the help he needed, which Abe obviously has failed to do.”


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