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Quick facts about David Fahrenthold Biography
Date of birth : 1978
Birth Country: United States of America
Gender: Male
Net worth: 0
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Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Fahrenthold

David Fahrenthold

David Fahrenthold (born 1978) is a newsperson at The Washington Post.


Fahrenthold joined the employees of the Post in 2000, where he has occupied the District of Columbia department of local government, the U.S. Congress, and therefore the federal.

Reporting on Donald Trump donation claims and also the Trump Foundation

In 2016 Fahrenthold is covering the U.S. presidential campaign, significantly news on the Donald J. Trump Foundation additionally claims Trump created because the 2016 Republican political leader for president that he had given away millions out of his own pocket. In May 2016, Fahrenthold began a shot to verify these personal donations; to solicit leads and for transparency, he sporadically announce updates to Twitter via a hand-written list of charities he had contacted to raise whether or not they had received contributions from Trump, additionally  the charities’ responses. After four months, Fahrenthold and colleagues at the Post had contacted over four hundred major charities, with just one charity confirming that they had received a private donation from Trump between 2008 and May 2016 when Fahrenthold began publically news on the question.

Following Fahrenthold’s news, the big apple professional general opened associate degree inquiry into Trump Foundation fundraising practices, and ultimately issued a “notice of violation” ordering the inspiration to prevent raising cash in big apple. The Poynter Institute delineate Fahrenthold as “one of the journalism stars of the 2016 campaign because of a string of revelations concerning Donald Trump’s charitable giving (or lack of same).” At CNN, Brian Stelter uttered, “Some have dubbed [Fahrenthold’s work] newspaper publisher worthy. Its impact was strengthened on Tuesday [September thirteen, 2016] when President Obama cited the news while confusing for Hillary Clinton.”

Reporting on the Trump Access Hollywood video

On October 7, 2016, Fahrenthold broke news of a 2005 Access Hollywood video of  Donald Trump creating what politician characterized as “lewd comments concerning hesitant women”; among different remarks, Trump uttered that his celebrity allowed him to “grab them by the pussy” with no consequence. Associate degree unknown supply known as Fahrenthold at 11AM that day and hip him of the tape’s existence; at 4PM Fahrenthold printed the tape and a rumored story on that. The newspaper showed it became “the most viewed article at the same time within the history of The Post’s web site.” considerably; the story broke 2 days before the second of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign debates between Trump and Democratic rival Sir Edmund Percival Hillary Clinton. Workers at Access Hollywood that airs on NBC had found the tape earlier in the week and the show was performing on a story, however didn’t arrange to run it till the subsequent Monday, the day after the talk. Once Fahrenthold broke the story at the Post, each Access Hollywood and NBC News ran stories the same night.

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