The 66-year-old Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 70-year-old US President-elect Donald Trump are often associated together. Narendra Modi even feels that the US will be more favorable to India under Trump presidency. Hence, they say Modi is Donald Trump with more experience.

Both international leaders were nominated despite resistance

As we are well aware, Donald Trump wasn’t primarily supported by any of the Republican party members. The House Speaker Paul Ryan even publicly vowed that he would never endorse Trump. Likewise, Colin Powell freely supported the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton despite being a Republican. In the same way, former President George Bush chose to abstain. Interestingly, the 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney tagged Trump as ‘offensive’. However, the same people are now working closely to promote and address the agendas of Donald Trump.

On the other side, Indian PM Modi wasn’t everyone’s favourite while he ran for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The patriarch of Bharatiya Janata Party LK Advani condemned the BJP 2013 National Council meeting and led a syndicate against Modi. Likewise, he openly published a letter which opposed the ongoing operation of the party. However, at those hard times, Modi was able to bring people together and approach the General Election. On the other hand, Donald Trump wasn’t as much concerned what the Republicans said. While Modi’s approach showed experience, Trump’s idea boycotted his own Republicans.

Modi too was an outsider in major posts

Narendra Modi is a former Chief Minister of Gujarat and the current Indian Prime Minister. Prior to being elected into CM’s post, Modi never held an important public office – he wasn’t even a Member of Legislative Assembly. However, he directly jumped over to the post of PM, the most important position in India.

In the same way, real estate billionaire Donald Trump was never engaged in any of the political posts or offices. However, he was directly elected by the Americans to become the successor of Barrack Obama.

Although Trump and Modi both walked a similar journey to the most important office in their respective countries, Modi managed to grab some experience as a party leader and a CM. however, Trump only had an experience of running a business.

Apart from the aforementioned things, Trump and Modi are quite similar in their political views as well. Maybe just tacit, but Modi is understood as someone who is inconsiderate of Muslim’s village, mainly because of Gujarat riots in 2002. Likewise, Trump, as we have heard, called for a complete shutdown of Muslim entering the US. Interestingly, Modi’s experience enables him to bend his standings whereas Trump still stands tall.

While we can’t conclude that Trump and Modi rose up with same ideas of change, it’s reasonable – keeping in mind the above-mentioned points – to say that Modi is apparently like Trump, but with more experience.

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