It is not of the royalty, but by the hype and saucer that is giving to Pippa Middleton’s marriage with James Matthews is huge. Pippa Middleton’s wedding will take place next Saturday on May 20 and has already become one of the events of the year in the UK. The sister of Duchess Catherine of Cambridge , who grabbed so many headlines, now becomes the real protagonist when marrying the former racing driver and current financier James Matthews.

The wedding of Michael and Carole Middleton’s little girl has been making headlines for months, since their engagement was announced last summer. The last curiosity that is known about it comes now, when the British edition of Vogue has published the last request to its guests: they must carry two sets of clothes. In case one should not break his head enough with what to wear for a link like that, you have to think of two outfits.

Pippa Middleton and her soon to be husband James Matthews.
Pippa Middleton and her soon to be husband James Matthews.

It is unknown whether it is a question of extravagance or, indeed, comfort. The marriage of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews will be held at Englefield’s Church of St. Mark’s in Berkshire, and the later celebration will take place in the bride’s house, a historic nineteenth-century Georgian mansion of more than seven hectares , so perhaps you have asked A more warm or comfortable attire for that second part, so that the ladies’ heels do not stick on the lawn.


Few details have transpired about the marriage, beyond the date and place. Prince Harry is the most invited guest and of course, the brothers of the bride, James and Catalina. The Duchess of Cambridge will go with her husband, Prince William, and his sons, George and Charlotte.

The children will play an active role, as confirmed by the Kensington Palace . As Froilán already did in the liaison of Felipe and Letizia (but perhaps with less kicks …), George will be there and Charlotte will be maid of honor; both will walk next to Pippa towards the altar. Who will not be a maid of honor is  Princess Catherine, who will play a discreet role in the ceremony.

In addition to the children, the most sought-after photo will be that of Prince Henry. The youngest of Prince Charles’s sons has been in a six-month relationship ( confirmed by Buckingham ) with American actress Meghan Markle . However, in Britain there is a custom that a guest can not take his partner as a companion if they are not married Popularly no ring, no bring, something like there is no ring, do not bring it ). At most, Markle was going to attend the party later, but not to the religious link.

However, the newspaper The Telegraph has reported that Pippa has made an exception and invited the actress to the wedding , so she may be at the ceremony itself and display her next to Harry. They were seen last weekend together at Polo match and spotted kissing.

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