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Mr. President, Donald J. Trump, never cease to disappoint and outrage his own folks in any manner regardless the notion, the sensibility, and significance of the matter. He actually would go to any extent to get the work done in his favor.

DREAMers Act

DREAM Act was announced by the previous president of the US Barack Obama, according to which alien minors (preferably called Dreamers) could acquire the residency in the US permanently upon fulfilling the proposed multi phasic qualifications in the period of time; till then residing on conditional residency. The introduction of the bill dates back to 2001, but it was only in 2012 it came to an action by Obama. Obama made sure that the children brought illegally to the country by their parents in young age shall not be deported until and unless they meet up the criteria of Dream Act which itself was based on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Trump’s presidential term and actions

Donald Trump was elected as 45th president of the United States in January 2017. With the inauguration of his presidential term, the country has seen a lot of drastic changes in a very short period of time. President Trump had always been against the devised immigrants policy and also been known to demonstrate his rage on social media time and again. According to his demonstrated behavior and attitude, it won’t be unjust to say that Trump really wants the US to be a secluded country without any intervention of outsiders. However, it looks like Trump really wants the country a more of another North Korea where none shall pass without the president’s knowledge.

Late 2017 saw many revisiting of bills and acts. Many of them were revoked and rescinded. It was during the autumn of 2017, the DREAMers Act was revoked (much to the disappointment of Democratic Party) and was stated to be effective from March 2018. His decision of annulling the bill has caused chaos among the immigrants and students. In April 2018, Trump addressed that Dreamers bill would be apprehended as soon as possible. He also mentioned there is no any possible way to legalize the young immigrant’s status whether they have applied and registered for it or not. He also had established the threat posing on the US-Mexico border claiming it to have become more dangerous than the previous year. He also had threated the neighboring country to use the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association) card if the immigrant’s flow doesn’t decrease.

Proposition and advancement

Trump had proposed to resign from the immigrant policy before in multiple occasion but the disagreement from the Senate board and states council prevented from doing so. But the acquired vote in 2017 couldn’t resist the action to be surfaced in any manner. Trump has also proposed the formation of the wall all along the US-Mexico border and had cited it to be the more secure border policy for the country. Though the foundation of the wall has not been passed, the border passage security has been very strict since the reign of Trump. According to Trump, immigrants bring drugs and crime with them. They are the cause of chaos in the US and are the rapists. The caravan conducted in the Mexican border is the ultimate gateway for those criminals to step inside the states and disappear like the morning dew; causing problems whenever wanted. Trump has been very thorough about his opinion of immigrants. The ongoing debate about the formulation of more strict law in immigration system would undoubtedly make immigrants’ life difficult who are already in America and more difficult to those who want to get inside the country.


Most of the immigrants’ society has landed in trouble since Trump brought the action against them but many Americans have been in support of him. Trump may be deemed as a filthy narcissistic misanthrope and more of a racist but whatever he has been doing to his country looks fair enough. Not wanting any intruders in one’s land is no crime anywhere. A peaceful and prosperous country is what everybody dreams of, and this is what Trump’s goal is. But forbidding an entire kind, a whole generation of people whose count is in 1000s would be unjustifiable for the country, for the people and for the position itself where Trump has been dug upon.

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