The video game publisher immediately reported the video posted on the US politician’s Twitter, which was quickly removed (and on YouTube too ).

Too bad, for the story, that we can not see what looked like this video called Trump Effect , which picked up the music and phrases of the Man Trouble on Mass Effect 2 , such as ”  We’re at War  “, or by a clever editing, that Trump was”  the last thing that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence . ”

A spokesman for the US publisher of course told Gamespot , who reported the anecdote, that the video did not respect the ownership rights of the license and that in no case the elements of the license could not be used For political purposes.

On which one of the gameplay designer of Mass Effect: Andromeda mocked Trump, who would not have grasped that the Trouble Man was really a dirty guy (or maybe if, in fact).

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