Soon to be taking the oval office, Donald Trump has been complying with a hectic schedule: security briefings, foreign ties, meetings and Twitter. Amid the growing population in protests, Trump’s comments on John Lewis, an American representative, and rendezvous with Martin Luther King Jr’s eldest son MLK III has fueled the boycott.

Reportedly, around 30 Democrat members of Congress have decided to boycott Trump inauguration.

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What did they talk about?

Around 1 pm, Martin Luther King III was seen entering the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. After approximately 50 minutes, the parties exited from elevators. While the President-elect tried to avoid media, King III said that he had a ‘constructive meeting’. He added, “We have got to move forward.”

Likewise, King said that the meeting was about the US voter’s participation. He was also clear about his intentions of incorporating Martin Luther King’s legacy into Trump administration. On that note, a New York lawyer, William Wachtel, said, “President-elect Trump has committed to working with us.” Wachtel also expressed huge expectations from the new president, especially related to minority voter’s rights.

When asked about Trump’s comments on fellow African-American John Lewis, MLK III was positive, optimistic and evaluative about Trump’s commitments to make America great again. He said, “Thigs get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. And at some point in this we’ve got to move forward.”

King also raised concerns about 50-60 million people living in poverty. He said, “We need to be talking about how to clothe people, how do we feed people.” Simultaneously, Kings seemed understanding about the huge public pressure Trump and his team might be facing right now.

John Lewis and Trump

John Lewis is a Civil Rights hero who had his skull broken during 1965 Selma march. Following Trump’s stance on Russia, remarks on different groups of Americans, Lewis condemned the President-elect. He might as well not be attending the inauguration.

As a reply to Lewis’ stand, Trump accused him of being ‘all talk’ and urge him to concentrate his ideas to get rid of crime in his district of Georgia.


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