Even for a man who scrolls Twitter news feed for most of his daytime, this technology didn’t exactly favour him this time. The US President-elect Donald Trump tagged the name of a British woman based in Brighton, mistakenly taking the woman as his daughter Ivanka. Well, this clarifies even the pros make mistakes sometimes.

On Twitter, Trump wrote: “@drgoodspine: @realDonaldTrump @Ivanka Trump is great, a woman with real character and class.” If you are wondering yet, @Ivanka should have been @IvankaTrump. Trump’s will to quote this praiseworthy statement from Lawrence Goodstein got him more focused on posting and boasting rather than correcting – reportedly, Trump edited the post to use lowercase on ‘great’, but he didn’t care about @Ivanka.

Ivanka Magic is an English woman who works as a council worker. She only has 2800 followers in comparison to 20.1 million followers for Trump. To the unintended chaos posed against Ivanka, Mark Pygas wrote on Twitter: Ivanka Majic from Brighton, England, is a wonderful woman. You’re right. RIP her mentions though.

Mark added, “I mean, she’s probably trying to sleep and her phone is going off the hook but it’s a hell of a story.” He also revealed the fact that Lawrence Goodstein had blocked him and turned the account private.

Interestingly, President Trump hasn’t deleted or replied to any of the 4600 replies to the tweet. At the same time, Ivanka Majic has also remained quiet. She seems a passive Twitter user. Her last tweet dates back to Saturday, and that too about a restaurant. No sensitive matter!

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Trump reached 20 million audiences on Twitter

With his controversial and politically incorrect statements, President-elect Donald Trump has reached – and crossed! – a massive audience of 20 million on Twitter. Likewise, he has 4.7 million followers on Instagram and 17.5 million likes on Facebook. Moreover, many fake accounts with his name have also attracted millions of audiences around the world.



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