Yesterday, Trump revealed the list of 11 more White House staffs, who will be working alongside Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh. The White House staffs are responsible for running day to day operations in the West Wing.

Reince Priebus said, “These individuals will be key leaders in helping to implement the President-elect’s agenda and bring real change to Washington. Each of them has been instrumental over the last several months, and in some cases years, in helping the President-elect.”

Of all the employees, Omarosa Manigault was particularly recognized by the media. She was fired from Trump’s reality show The Apprentice in 2004 and subsequently from The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and 2013. Would someone who gets fired from the same job be able to handle the White House operations?

Who are the others?

Bill Steplen: He served New Jersey governor as the deputy chief of staff. Steplen was fired due to allegations of engagement in Bridgegate scandal.

Keith Schiller: He has served Trump as a personal bodyguard for a very long time. Now, Schiller will take the position of director of Oval Office operations. His roles aren’t clear yet.

Mar Short: Short was a political aide of VPOTUS-elect Mike Pence. He will serve Trump as the director of legislative affairs.

Josh Pitcock: Pitcock was a former chief of staff to Congressman Mike Pence. He will again serve Pence under the same position.

Jen Pavlik: Pavlik was also a Pence aide. Now, he is appointed as Pence’s deputy chief of staff.

John DeStefano: Appointed as the director of presidential personnel, he was the mayor of New Haven, Connecticut from 1994 to 2014.

George Gigicos: Gigicos will stay in his current job as the director of advance in the White House as well.

Raj Shah: Shah was the 16th Administrator of the US Agency for International Development. Terminating the tenure in 2015, Raj worked on other projects before being appointed as a research director to Trump.

Jessica Ditto: Ditto will be the new deputy communication director.

John McEntee: McEntee played quarterback for Servite High School and the University of Connecticut. Also worked on Fox News, Mc Entee will now serve Trump presidency as president’s personal aide.





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