The reliable National Polls never showed a single edge Donald Trump could have against Hillary Clinton. However, on the 8th, Americans made the decision – most of the polls turned out to be wrong. Trump got a landslide victory against Clinton. And, some people credit this victory to his blunt honesty on the issues.

Role of honesty in Trump victory

While the Trump supporters say that he represents the unexposed sentiments of the United States, the opposite team feels that Trump’s ideas were divisive – not the foundation of American dream. Anyway, when we talk about Trump’s victory, his honesty indeed played a vital role.

Frankly, Americans saw the small lies and big truths Trump was preaching. They condemned the big lies Clinton was trying to put forward. Trump did spoke derogatorily against Muslims, Mexicans and illegal immigrants. While this appeared as a non-human act, people felt the heat and the extent of truthfulness in it.

While Paris and Brussels were under attack by ISIS, Americans felt that they could be the next target. The presence of immigrants indeed made them feel more insecure. And, the Mexican immigration case – while not generally truthful – is digestible to some extent.

In the same way, Trump was right on foreign economic policies. American Companies do take away American jobs by moving to cheaper production facilities. China literally is dumping steel and other cheap products, not only in the US but most of the developed world. Likewise, US can’t always exist as an adversary of Russia. In this age of globalisation, it’s important that all the countries come together for sustainable existence. Hence, trump wasn’t being a puppet when he wanted to extend arms towards Russia.

That naturally comes as a bitter truth for some Clinton supporters. However, the same bitter truths won Trump the White House.

Other factors of Trump win

Although Trump was a loud billionaire celebrity, he was never active in politics. As he entered the presidential race, Trump became overly covered by media than any other candidates such as Marco Rubio. This helped Trump to reach the minds of Americans on each corner.

Donald Trump has always thanked the ‘forgotten men, women’ for his victory. It wasn’t everyone who wanted or was happy with Obama’s presidency. People believed – like trump did – that the system was corrupt and it needed a fix from an outsider – obviously not a politically correct leader. Hence, voters believed in what Trump stood for.

The weak Democrat Party and its candidate are other big reasons. Clinton’s foreign policies as the Secretary of State and her email scandals left voters intimidated. Likewise, the Democrat Party’s inability to fully support Bernie Sanders deterred many Democrat voters.

Hence, it wasn’t just Donald Trump who won; it wasn’t his campaign team or his family; it wasn’t the red states or blue states; it was America.

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