Nicole Curtis was born on August 20, 1976 and is famous for her show Rehab Addict where she is the host. An expert in restoration and rebuilding houses she grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan, US. As simple as this sound her life gets more complicated soon as she graduated in 1994. There have been many speculations and so many stories all the new controversies to her life every day. So let’s get an insight to her much highlight controversial personal life.

The HGTV star Nicole Curtis has long been in the news because of her twisted relationship and two sons; Ethan and Harper.

Nicole Curtis and her first son Ethan

While Nicole graduated from college she was already a single mother. Being a 23 year old parent she had met the father of Ethan; Steve Lane while in college. However despite having a child together Steve and Nicole’s relation did not last longer and the couple was never married as such.

Nicole is very close to her son and is often seen posting pictures of her elder son.

Nicole Curtis and her second pregnancy

In 2015 Nicole Curtis came up in the news again because of her controversial Facebook post that had her with a baby bump along with her dog.  Amid a lot of controversy and months of rumors in May 205; she gave birth to her second child Harper and raising more questions among her fans as to who was the baby’s father.

In an interview she did reveal the father was Shane Maguire but the twist in the story was she also said that the father and Nicole were not on talking terms and in fact the both of them were fighting custody case battle for their son Harper.

The reason for the split of the couple however was revealed in her memoir Better than New, where she mentioned how that she found about her pregnancy on her 38th birthday but the reaction she got from he baby’s father; Shane was definitely not what she had expected.

Nicole and Shane Maguire controversy over custody case

Shane Maguire runs a gold trading business Gold Guys and he sued Nicole to get recognition as the child’s biological father, joint legal custody and ‘liberal parenting time.’ Along with that he also informed the media that Harper was born out of wedlock and was his baby.

It was in the midst of her nasty custody battle that Curtis allegedly went as far as to try to kidnap the couple’s then 15-month-old son Harper in the middle of the night.

Following this incident the judge granted joint custody to Maguire but things turned sour Curtis challenged the ruling saying Shane was not a good father and drove dangerously with Harper and also entered a protest of Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis. However due to lack of evidences and defense by Shane’s lawyers this was overruled.

In fact Nicole also requested to have the records of her paternity case to be sealed form public and disallow Maguire form having overnights visits with harper until he turns two years old. Sadly both of these were denied by the court.

Nicole Curtis and her mother’s relation

Very close to her grandparents, Nicole lost her grandmother too. She also added in one of her interview now her only concern was her grandfather and her two sons and she could do anything for them.

But last summer Joan Curtis; Nicole’s mother asked for a personal protection order  as Nicole was harassing and threatening her form calls and messages. After a hearing in August, a judge denied the request on the grounds that she couldn’t “heal family dynamics with the stroke of a pen,”. She also added that the mother and daughter had come to a conclusion of not coming in contact with each other.

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