Lisa Bullock is the current First Lady of Montana who assumed the post on January 7, 2013 as her husband Steve Bullock became Governor of Montana by succeeding Brian Schweitzer. Bullock is also a maths and computer science graduate.

Early Life and Education

Born in Helena, Montana, Lisa Downs Bullock was raised by a psychology teacher father and a nurse mother with five other siblings. An Irish Catholic, Lisa Bullock went to Helena Public School for early education and joined Carroll College for an undergraduate degree in maths and computer science. After doing undergraduate studies, Bullock joined the University of Southern California for a post-graduate degree in applied maths.

Personal Life

Lisa Bullock is married to Montana Governor Steve Bullock. The couple has three children: Alexandria, Caroline and Cameron Bullock.

Steve Bullock with his wife Lisa Bullock and three children.
Steve Bullock with his wife Lisa Bullock and three children.

As hobby, Bullocks likes playing basketball, skiing, and hiking. She was a coach of her daughter’s school basketball team.


As a mathematician and a computer science graduate, Lisa Bullock has worked at various high profile firms prior to joining Montana Governor’s Mansion as First Lady. Primarily, she started off teaching high school mathematics and computer science. Subsequently, she joined big and wealthy companies such as IBM, MAXIMUS, Public Knowledge and Northrop Grumman. It can easily be assumed that she made a lot of money while working for these organizations.

Leaving the above-mentioned organizations, Bullock joined Court View Justice Solutions as R&D Manager. Besides, she has also been serving on the Board of Trustee of Carrol College. Likewise, in the past, Bullock was a board member of Helena Area County Community Foundation, a non-governmental organization aimed at the betterment of Helena county. She was a Red Cross member as well. Involving in Montana Meth Project, Lisa has contributed in the noble work of reducing the use of meth among the teenagers.

The first lady of Montana is highly enthusiastic in serving the people.
The first lady of Montana is highly enthusiastic in serving the people.

As First Lady, Lisa Bullock is aimed at fighting hunger among the school children. In collaboration with her husband Governor Steve Bullock, Lisa set up a campaign titled ‘Breakfast after the Bell’ to advocate for her philanthropic vision and raise funds in order to provide grants to various schools for food. Besides, Lisa is involved in empowering women in various communities and encourage them to take the lead. She is especially focused on supporting young women interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths. To make things more effective, Bullock chairs the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative Project.


Given that Lisa Bullock worked for Public Knowledge, it puts her into a suspect of corruption. The data and investigations regarding the issue are still vague.

Donald Trump and Lisa Bullock

In collaboration with Lisa Bullock, a women march was organized in Montana which gathered around 10000 women on the streets. Reportedly, the march was a protest against Trump’s comments on women. However, some say the rally and Donald Trump campaign were not related at all.

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