Erna Solberg is the incumbent Prime Minister of Norway who took office on 16 October 2013 as the successor of Jens Stoltenberg. She is also the Leader of the Conservative Party since 9th May 2004 and a member of the parliament since 2 October 1989. Formerly, Solberg was Minister of Local Government and Regional Development (2001 – 2005).

Early Life and Education

Erna Solberg was born on 24 October 1961 to father Asbjørn Solberg and mother Inger Wenche Torgersen. Raised in Bergen, Hordaland, with four siblings, Solberg struggled a lot during high school because of dyslexia. Anyway, she was largely involved in student politics which led her to become a board member of the School Student Union of Norway during the senior year.

Completing the high school and undergraduate education, Solberg joined the University of Bergen for a Candidatus magisterii degree.

Personal Life

Erna Solberg is married to Sindre Finnes since 1996. The couple has two children: Ingrid and Erik Solberg Finnes. Sindre Finnes is a businessman.

Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg with her husband Sindre Finnes.
Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg with her husband Sindre Finnes. They have one son and a daughter.


Completing high school education, Erna Solberg entered the mainstream Norwegian politics in 1979 as a deputy member of the Bergen City Council. Leaving the position in 1983, she went back for further studies and continued to serve on the council from 1987 to 1989. While at the council, Solberg was active in representing the young Norwegian conservatives.

In 1989, Erna Solberg got elected to the Norwegian Parliament. She has been able to hold her seat at the parliament ever since. In the meantime, Solberg has represented the Norwegian citizens in various positions, including Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and the office of Prime Minister. Under the leadership of incumbent PM Kjell Magne Bondevik, Solberg ascended the post of Minister of Local Government and Regional Development in 2001. Under the capacity of a Minister, Solberg actively advocated for an introduction of sharia councils and an expulsion of national security threat Mulla Krekar. She also pointed out the fact that the government could take way more refugees from around the world than they were doing at the time.

Winning the 2013 general election, Solberg became the presumptive Prime Minister and officially took office on 16 October 2013.


Erna Solberg was caught up in an immense controversy after the revelation that she had rejected Mordechai Vanunu’s asylum in Norway despite the fact that the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration was prepared to take the step.

Donald Trump and Erna Solberg

Prime Minister Solberg and President Trump spoke over the phone in November 2016. According to the press release, the conservation was primarily meant to congratulate Trump and discuss ways to strengthen ties between the US and Norway.

In the past, Solberg has criticized Trump for calling NATO ‘redundant’.

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