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Steve Bullock is the 24th Governor of the Montana State of the United States of America. Prior to being elected as the Governor of Montana, Bullock also served the State as the Attorney general for four years. A leader of the Democratic Party, Bullock took the office as the Governor on January 7, 2013. After successful 4 years at the office, Bullock won a second term defeating Republican candidate Greg Gianforte.

Many politicians see him as the potential candidate for the 2020 Presidential election.

Early Life and Education

Steve bullock was born on April 11, 1996, to his father Mike Bullock and his mother Penny. Bullock was raised in Helena, the state capital of Montana. It is believed that Steve used to deliver newspapers to the Governor’s residence while he was a boy. He never knew that one day he would end up living in the same place.

After completing high school, Bullock went to Claremont McKenna College for his undergraduate studies. At CMC, he majored in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Likewise, he completed his Juris Doctor degree from Columbia University School of Law, a prestigious Ivy League college.

Personal Life

Steve Bullock is married to Lisa Downs.
Steve Bullock is married to Lisa Downs.

Steve Bullock is married to Lisa Downs with three children: Alexandria, Caroline and Cameron.

Steve Bullck with his wife and three children.
Steve Bullck with his wife and three children.


Steve took a significant path in his career after he started working as the legal counsel to the secretary of state of Montana. He also served the government as the Executive Assistant Attorney General and acting Chief Deputy Attorney General of Montana. Likewise, he was elected as the 23rd attorney General of Montana on 2009. He also worked as the adjunct professor of the George Washington University Law School before being elected as the Attorney General.


Steve Bullock took a major step in his political career when he was nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for the Attorney General in 2008. He defeated Mike Wheat and John Parker for the prestigious position. Steve Bullock collected 42% of the total vote. He continued his successful run by defeating the strong republican candidate Tim Fox to be elected as the Montana Attorney General. 245,669 people voted for him which was 52.6% of the total votes.

During his one term tenure as the Attorney General of the Montana State, Bullock pressed for stronger driving rules with the view of keeping the highway free of drunk drivers.

Likewise, Steve Bullock was elected as the Democratic Party nominee for the Governor of Montana after his landslide victory to Heather Margolis by 86.6% of the total votes which accounted for 76738 votes out of 88561. Steve took a giant step in his political career when he won the general election for the Montana governor with 48.9% of the total votes on his side. He defeated republican candidate Rick Hill and the Libertarian Candidate Ron Vandevender. His lieutenant Governor was John Walsh. During his term as the Governor, he improved in-state business activity by creating a better business environment ultimately leading to faster and greater business activity among the Montana Companies. He also pressed a lot to ensure that the government services meet the existing demand of job creators.

After his four-year tenure as the Governor of Montana, he decided to run for the election again. He defeated Bill McChesney for the Democratic Party nomination with a massive 91.2% of the total votes. He then went on to win the Montana Governor Election for the second time with 50.25% votes on his side. He defeated Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte, Libertarian candidate Ted Dunlap and two other Independent candidate Casey Filler and Christopher Zarcone.

Trump and Bullock

Trump won the Montana State in the Presidential Election defeating Hillary Clinton with 55.6% of the total votes that accounted for 279,240 votes. While Trump represented the Republican Party, it’s highly unlikely that Steve Bullock supported Donald Trump in the Presidential Election.

Donald Trump once stated that he would replace the Affordable Care Act. In an interview conducted by a journalist Corin Cates-Carney, Steve Bullock criticized the statement in a sarcastic tone saying, oh I am going to replace the Affordable act without saying what you are going to do to replace it.

On the other hand, Steve Bullock does not believe that Trump would address Climate change in a sensible way.

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