John Phillips Avlon is a senior political analyst and fill-anchor at CNN. Avlon is best known for his job as an associate editor and columnist for the New York Sun.

The Early Life of John Avlon

John Avlon was born in 1973 to Dianne Alexander (mother) and Jeffery Avlon (father). He was raised by his parents until he completed his schooling from the Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts. Avlon studied the bachelor’s course at Yale University before finally graduating from Columbia University with a Master’s in Business and Accounting.

In the Career of John Avlon

John Avlon started his career as a spokesperson for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He was then promoted to the chief speech-writer and the deputy director of policy for his brilliant work antics and hard work. Further, he is said to be the writer of the speech that the Mayor gave against terrorism in the 2001 UN General Assembly. That was the speech which issued a bold statement against the 9/11 tragedy. He was also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

John Avlon is known for his writing as well. ‘Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America’, ‘Washington’s Farewell: The Founding Father’s Warning to Future Generations’ and ‘Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics’, are some of the books written by Avlon. His books are said to have got good responses from critics as well as political enthusiasts and the general public.

John Avlon decided to work for The Daily Beast in 2008 during its initial phase. Starting his way from a columnist, he went all the way up to become the managing editor of that news portal. His stint as the managing editor was a fruitful one for that news portal, as his hard work and commitment made the portal reach a record 21-million unique visitors. It was then a 300% increase in the overall size of its social media community. The daily beast had won over seventeen awards and the traffic had doubled to over 1.1 million readers during the leadership of Avlon.

The Personal life of John Avlon

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After a few years together, John Avlon finally married Margaret Hoover in 2009. Hoover works as a commentator for the Fox News Channel. Hoover has also written a few famous books like his husband. They have two children Jack and Toula with Jack two years elder and the latter born in 2015. The family resides together in New York City.

The Net Worth of John Avlon

He reportedly earns a salary of about $200,000 per year from his various jobs and royalties for his books. Accumulated from his high salary, he is estimated to have a substantial net worth. However, the actual figure for his net worth is unknown.

Facts about John Avlon

  • Recently, John Avlon appeared in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as himself for a short light-hearted interview.
  • He still works as the editor in chief for the Daily Beast, which now is a very renowned and trustworthy news portal.
  • John Avlon is also a social media enthusiast as known from his fan following and frequent posts at platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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