Sam Clovis was the Inspector General of the U.S. Space Command. He is the Co- Chairman and Policy Advisor for the Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.


Sam Clovis served in the U.S. Air Force for almost 25 years. He became Inspector- General of the U.S. Space Command.  In 2005, Sam Clovis taught economics at Morning college in Lowa.  He was defeated in his campaign for the US Senate and Treasurer of Lowa. As a Republican he opposed abortion, opposed Obamacare, opposed  the requirement to hire the women and minorities, opposed green energy and favored keeping God on the pubic sphere. He also wanted to expand the military. He served as campaign manger to help Rick Perry for his campaign for presidency in 2016. Clovis became Political advisor and  Co- Chairman of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign 2016 when Perry was dropped out.

Early Year

Sam Clovis as born on 18 September,1949 in Salina, Kansas and was raised in Medora, Kansas. He graduated from Buhler High School. He went to Colorado for his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the United State Air Force Academy. He earned his MBA degree from Golden Gate University and Ph.D. in Public Administration from University of Alabama. He also studied national security at Georgetown University.

Professional Career

Over 25-years career of Clovis in the Air Force, he commanded the ultimately rose to the rank of Colonel and the 70th Fighter Squadron. Clovis was the Inspector General of the US Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Up to his retirement in 1996.

Since 2005, Clovis worked as lecturer at Morningside College, a private liberal arts college located in Northwest Iowa. Since 2005, he taught economics subject over there. He also became a tenured full professor at Morningside.  From 2004 to 2010, he worked for the Homeland Security Institute. He taught classes in Public administration program at Lowa State University. Clovis hosted the conservative radio show on KSCJ-AM in Sioux City, Iowa named as “Impact With Sam Clovis”. In 2014, Clovis ran for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Iowa and then as state treasurer.

Rick Perry Presidential Campaign, 2016

Sam Clovis was the Campaign Manager for the  Rick Perry presidential campaign In August 2015, he left Perry’s campaign as Perry was dropped out.  In an interview with The Washington Post, Clovis said that he felt bad for the campaign but more for Governor Perry because he thinks Perry as a  great man. Later Clovis joined Trump’s Presidential Campaign.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign, 2016

Trump announced his presidency bid at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015. Later, Sam Clovis Joseph was called Co- Chairman and Senior Policy Advisor for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Reporters told that he was excited to join the Trump Campaign as he believes that Mr. Trump can change the status quo in America. Clovis Performs many role as the Campaign’s co- chairperson and policy advisor. Clovis is responsible for Crafting policy proposals, acting as a surrogate and reaching out to policy experts.


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