Christine Branstad is the incumbent First Lady of Iowa who assumed office on January 14, 2011 as her husband Terry Branstad succeeded Chet Culver as Governor of Iowa. Christine will soon leave her position as Terry has recently been appointed as the US ambassador to China.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Fort Dodge of Iowa, Branstad is an honors graduate from Des Moines Area Community College Class of 1992.

Personal Life

Christine Branstad is married to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad since July 17, 1972. The couple has three children: Eric, Allison and Marcus Branstad. They also have four grandchildren.

First Lady Christine Bernstad with her husband Terry.
First Lady Christine Barnstad with her husband Terry.


Graduating from Des Moines Area Community College, Christine Branstad joined Moines Area’s hospitals as a medical assistant to doctors. Later, she started volunteering at various organizations including Iowa schools and Boone County Hospital. Branstad’s major works come after she became First Lady of Iowa.

As First Lady, Christine Branstad has vowed to focus on children’s issues such as health, safety, and substance abuse. To bring this aim to effect, Christine Branstad has affiliated herself to numerous organizations working in the similar sector. For example, she chaired Iowa Network of Drug Information, an organization which surveys and publishes drugs-related statistics. Likewise, Branstad was in the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, an organization that is working to support people living with the Type 1 Diabetes.

As an honorary chair of Iowa Head Injury Association, Branstad has been contributing to support people suffering from any kinds of brain injuries and their caregivers or families. Similarly, while at Iowa Safety Council, First Lady was handy in implementing US federal office codes aimed to decrease workplace injuries. In the same way, her organization Youth and Shelter services is active in supporting Iowa’s young minds and homeless people. Also, the Volunteer Connection works towards encouraging people to volunteer and provides a platform for them to network.

Christine Branstad is active in the preservation of musical arts and protection of Governor’s Mansion, Terrace Hill, in Iowa by being a member of Terrace Hill Endowment and Terrace Hill Commission respectively.

Interestingly, it’s not the first time Christine Branstad became First Lady of Iowa. She had been in that position from 1983 to 1999 when her husband succeeded Tom Vilsack as Governor of Iowa. Hence, it makes Christine the most experienced and longest serving state First Lady in the United States.

Donald Trump and Christine Branstad

President Donald Trump chose Christine Branstad’s husband, Terry Branstad, to succeed David Rank as the US Ambassador to China. Although Trump has relied on Terry to address US-China relationship, it’s not obvious how he takes his wife.

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