Cathy Malloy is the current First Lady of Connecticut who assumed office on January 5, 2011 as her husband, Dannel Malloy, succeeded Jodi Reil as Governor of Connecticut. Malloy is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Hartford Arts Council.

Early Life and Education

Cathy Malloy was born and raised in Boston with five other siblings. As children, the six siblings went to a local school. Then, Cathy went on to join Boston College for her undergraduate studies.

Personal Life

While Cathy was at Boston College, she met Dannel Malloy. The couple got married in 1982 and had three children: Ben, Dannel and Sam. Although the couple currently lives in Connecticut Governor’s Mansion, they have a house in Shippan Point, Stamford.

Cathy Malloy with her husband Dannel Malloy. They have three children together.
Cathy Malloy with her husband Dannel Malloy. They have three children together.

Sons Ben and Sam have been caught in multiple cases of felonies. Ben was arrested for making racial comments and Sam was jailed for drug abuse and armed robbery.


Prior to becoming First Lady of Connecticut, Cathy Malloy was a multi-faceted woman who has experiences of holding different jobs at varying levels. Primarily, she entered the hospitality industry and worked there for over two decades. While in the industry, she moved from working as a market director in a mall to becoming vice president of operations for a restaurant chain. Besides, Cathy is also an entrepreneur – she founded her own catering business and diner.

Keeping aside Malloy’s feats in the hospitality industry, she has also played a crucial role as a social worker and an advocate. In the past, Malloy has chaired the Stamford Arts in Education initiatives. Likewise, she was also on the board committee of Connecticut Grand Opera and Orchestra. Moreover, as a passionate advocate of arts and culture, Malloy has been an advisor for the Stamford Museum and Nature Center and the State of Connecticut Office of Victim Advocate.

As First Lady of Connecticut, Cathy Malloy is heavily involved in non-profit organizations which mainly focus on critical issues such as sexual assault and violence. As Executive Director, Malloy helped the Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education to take their work to urban and rural Connecticut. Likewise, she has incessantly worked in fundraising, educating people about the issues and personally counseling, consoling and encouraging the victims. Moreover, Malloy is especially concerned about the vulnerable population: handicapped, mentally ill men and women, children, etc.

Currently, Malloy is the CEO of the Greater Hartford Arts Council.

Donald Trump and Cathy Malloy

In terms of political stands, Governor Dannel Malloy and President Donald Trump have contrasting differences. Hence, it can reasonably be assumed Cathy Malloy might take her husband’s side. Hence, although Cathy and Trump haven’t confronted each other, they could be expected to disagree if they were to.

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