Andrew McCabe is the acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who was appointed by President Donald Trump after firing James Comey on May 9, 2017. Previously, McCabe was Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, having assumed office on February 1, 2016.

Early Life and Education

Andrew McCabe was born in 1968. After finishing high school, Andrew went to Duke University for an undergraduate degree. Later, he joined Washington University in St. Louis for a JD.

Personal Life

Andrew McCabe is married to Jill McCabe.


While at the law school in Washington University at St. Louis, Andrew McCabe did an internship with US Department of Justice. Although he wanted to work in the public sector after finishing the degree, McCabe had to compromise – he worked in a private law firm as the Department of Justice had frozen all hiring. McCabe remained a private law practitioner for three years.

In 1996, McCabe joined Federal Bureau of Investigation as a specialist in organized crime. During his long career in FBI, McCabe has been useful to the American administration from various hierarchical levels. He was in the FBI Counterterrorism Division, FBI Field Office, and National Security Branch. All these experiences earned McCabe a huge respect among his fellow FBI officials. Consequently, on January 9, 2016, Andrew was promoted to Deputy Director of FBI by James Comey.

Following the firing of James Comey from the position of Director of the FBI, Andrew was automatically appointed as the acting Director.

Donald Trump and Andre McCabe

Donald Trump has always been a critic of Andre McCabe. As his wife, Jill, is a Democrat, she received a donation of $675,000 from Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Democratic Party. Reportedly, there was no any sign of McCabe’s presence in his wife’s political campaign. However, soon after the campaign finished, Andrew was promoted to Deputy Director of the FBI. This seemed particularly suspecting because of the series of favorable events to the McCabe family. In a speech in Florida, Donald Trump said, “The man who was in charge of the investigation of Hillary Clinton accepted essentially from Hillary Clinton $675,000 that went to his wife.”

Although some people think that Andrew should be completely off the hooks regarding fundraising and his promotion, others believe that Andrew might be the reason which led to slowed investigation on Hillary Clinton Email controversy. Donald Trump wouldn’t be a fan of his actions. As of May 9, 2017, he became acting Director of the FBI as James Comey was fired by Donald Trump.

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