Jill McCabe is the wife of Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew McCabe. Jill is also a pediatric doctor who ran for state senate in 2015.

Early Life and Education

The information of Jill McCabe’s early life and educational background if not available in the media.

Personal Life

Jill McCabe is a married woman with two children who are around 13 and 11 at the moment. McCabe was a frequent twitter user during the time when she ran for Virginia State Senate.


Primarily, Jill McCabe is a pediatric doctor. Prior to becoming the emergency pediatric physician, she was a primary care pediatrician. With the hopes of creating a better Virginia for women, Jill ran for the 2015 Senatorial Election. Although she lost the election, she became a well-known woman and an attraction for the media.

As per her website during the election, Jill portrayed herself as a doctor, not a typical politician. The website continued to imply that Jill’s experiences as a doctor will help cure the issues in Virginia. To Quote the website: “As a doctor and medical administrator, she has devoted her time and energy to improving the lives of all those under her care. In the hospital, Jill solves problems by listening to patients, analyzing data, and weighing the risks and benefits of every potential solution. Rather than shy away from challenging situations, Jill makes difficult decisions every day in order to advance the interests of the patients and families who place their trust in her. As our state senator, she will continue to devote herself to ensuring that your interests come first.”

Despite being an emerging appeal to the public and having immense support from high-profile politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Terry McAuliffe, Jill McCabe lost the 2015 Senatorial Election. Following the defeat, she congratulated Senator elected Richard Black on Twitter.

This defeat was definitely a huge discouragement for Jill to move forward with her political career path. However, McCabe lost the race with just 5% votes – not too bad for the first time.

As a possible Virginia State Senator, Jill McCabe was largely focused on women issues. She raised some sensitive points such as equal pay, reproductive and health care rights and professionalism. Likewise, she also appealed to the public by bringing out plans for overcoming traffic congestion.

Donald Trump and Jill McCabe

Reportedly, Jill McCabe’s political campaign indirectly received a donation of around $675,000 from Hillary Clinton. As the campaign finished, McCabe was promoted to Deputy Director of the FBI. Consequently, he handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. Andrew is accused of trying to keep Clinton off the grid. Donald Trump never liked this.


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