Donald Trump has started his first international tour as president of the United States.And he has done so with his wife, Melania Trump , with whom he has traveled to Saudi Arabia, his first destination .

The two have arrived in Riyadh, the capital of the country, in Air Force One , where they have dropped off leaving one of the first great images of the tour: Melania Trump without veil.

In Saudi Arabia women must wear a head covering, although this rule makes an exception with foreigners.

In January of 2015, Michelle Obama, former first lady, also did not cover the head in the visit that it made with the ex- president Barack Obama .

Nothing strange here, except at the moment, as the Telegraph points out , the current White House tenant severely criticized Michelle Obama for this gesture: “A lot of people are saying that it’s great that Mrs. Obama refuses to wear a veil In Saudi Arabia, but they have been insulted. We already have enough enemies. ”

Will you still think the same thing or have you changed your mind?

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