Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband is finally reviving his effect in politics after suffering a massive defeat against the opposing conservative party in the 2015 General Election. Now, as ‘Milifandom’ rises again, it gives a striking entry with a sharp comment on American President Donald Trump. On a tweet, Labour politician Ed Miliband called Trump ‘unstable’.

The tweet read: Every day that goes by, the guy looks more unstable. It was posted with a link to Washington Post with an article titled “‘This was the worst call by far’: Trump badgered, bragged and abruptly ended phone call with Australian leader”.

So far, this tweet has been replied 157 times, retweeted 599 times and liked 1.3k times. Moreover, the retweets and replies have circulated on the internet over thousands of times.



Amid the situation when the UK Prime Minister is being highly criticized for not representing British sentiments about the US President Donald Trump, this move from Ed Miliband has been hugely welcomed. Prior to the US visit, Miliband had even called Theresa May to reassure that Trump will abide by Paris Climate Change Treaty. Ironically, he also suggested if May would like to offer some UK findings on the intensity of issue.

Ed Miliband also took his frustration on Trump’s immigration policies to the House of Commons. Criticizing the immoral immigration ban from seven Muslim countries, Miliband added his comments on Trump’s recent controversies, “I was briefly outside and apologize for going outside because I was due to speak at the event. I never quite made it to speak, but indeed, there were tens of thousands of people I think, or thousands of people – one mustn’t get into crowd size estimates given recent experience.” [Source: The Independent]

In addition, Ed Miliband also joked about Trump’s use of exaggeration. He said, “Millions! There were millions of people outside. I don’t want to do a Trump.”

Ed Miliband on Trump around 2 months ago:


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