Actor Tom Hanks has not been able to avoid it: he has posted a message on his Twitter account asking if anyone knew what was inside a skyscraper that, without a single window, is located in the heart of New York. It looks surreal, but it exists and is at 33 Thomas Street.

The construction, known as “Long Lines Building”, was designed in 1974 by the architect of San Francisco, John Carl Warnecke, very close to the government of Kennedy. Warnecke was also in charge of designing the mausoleum of the late president. However, none of its buildings is as mysterious as this skyscraper.

The building has aroused so much, so much interest, that it has been object of study in numerous occasions. The latest research has been carried out by The Intercept , which aims to investigate what really happens behind its cement façade. The US magazine came to assure that it is actually a National Security Agency (NSA) base.

Beyond investigations, users have responded to Hanks about what may be inside the building …

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