The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Wales or say, Prince Charles, has tasted positive coronavirus. The 71 years old Charles Philip Arthur George is also the current and the longest-serving Prince of Wales. Currently, he has kept himself self-isolated in his home in Scotland with Duchess of Cornwall. According to the source he has mild symptoms of COVID-19.

Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19:

Prince Charles was tested positive for COVID-19 recently. The test was taken on Monday and the results came out late Tuesday night. The royal family is shocked to hear this news and every other member of the royal family went out to test themselves. Prince Charles along with his second wife Camilla was tested. However, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla was tested negative for the COVID-19. The tests were taken when Prince Charles showed some minor symptoms including slight fever, shortness of breath, as well as headache.

The couple had traveled to Scotland and it is predicted that the virus might have spread into them during their travel period. However, the prince is totally fine and is working very smoothly just how he worked a few days back.

How is Prince Charles taking care of himself?

It is a big concern to the royal family as well as the whole of Britain. It is known that the coronavirus’s impact is mostly on the old-aged people. So, this has become a huge concern for everybody. As soon as Prince Charles showed minor symptoms, he was kept in the isolation ward and was tested immediately. After he showed positive towards the test, Prince Charles has now been in quarantine in Scotland. He is following every health guidelines provided to him by his medical staff. Queen Elizabeth II was also tested however her results have shown negative. All other members of the Royal family are considered safe.

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