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The recently appointed UK Prime Minister Theresa May has finally come out in the media to talk about Trump’s tacit invitation to the US to strengthen the bilateral relationship. She made it clear that her government is optimistic and positive about US-UK future.

Theresa May said, “The relationship that the UK has with the United States is about something much bigger than the relationship between the two individuals as President and Prime Minister.”

The response comes after Trump’s unusually friendly tweet: I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the Spring. Britain, a longtime U.S. ally, is very special

In a live interview with Sky News, May was asked about how she, as a woman, felt about what Trump’s comments on women: When you’re a star, they let you do it… Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything.

May replied to this abusive and disrespectful act very positively. She said, “I think that’s unacceptable, but in fact Donald Trump has said that himself and apologized for it. Yes! if we think something’s unacceptable we say that, but this is about more than one issue. I think there’s greater prosperity for both of us if we build on that relationship and strengthen it.”

Although many British people and leaders are not happy with Trump’s comment, Theresa May seemed a lot indifferent to that divisive rhetoric and more focused on the bilateral ties. Moreover, she was among the first ten leaders who congratulated Trump on being elected as the next president of the United States.

Analyzing today’s politics, it’s very likely that May’s response will positively affect the US President-elect and open up new ways to further develop the historical friendship between the UK and the US.

As clarified by the President-elect, we can plausibly expect the two powerful western leaders in spring. And, according to the sources, the meeting date will be fixed as soon as Trump takes the oval office.

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