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Eric Trump is the youngest son from Donald Trump’s first marriage after Donald Trump Jr and sister Ivanka Trump.He also has step mothers Melania Trump and Marla maples along with two half siblings Baron and Tiffany Trump. He has a degree in finance and management.

His father’s trial for republican president nominee, got this cool, poised, down to earth Donald Trump’s brood to come face the paparazzi after   years when Trump was in the spotlight for dissolution of his marriage with Ivana, when Eric was seven years old.  Raised up by   nannies and Ivana’s parents, Milos and Maria Zelnick. He never was nurtured by his father because he believed the business was life and 24/7 hours was busy making money and business deals.

He is married to Lara Yunaska, a native of Carolina, nutritionist and fitness enthusiast and a journalist for CBS, an avid Equestrian after longtime romance. at their family venue in Florida. They are married with no children but their Instagram photos would include a dog, beagle breed named Charlie popping at any photos.

Eric function on expanding golf assets and has  helped expand the properties portfolio of Trump Golf from 3 to more than 15 with courses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, California, and Puerto Rico. He has been responsible, with his sister, Ivanka, for the redesign and renovation of Trump National Doral and its Blue Monster course in Miami, Florida .

Along with his siblings, Trump has helped expand the properties of the Trump Hotel Collection. His current management portfolio includes hotels in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Panama, Toronto, Waikiki, Washington D.C., Punta del Este, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, and the Philippines. Trump planned and executed Charlottesville, Virginia’s Kluge Winery, and Vineyard acquisition and oversees Trump winery, the largest winery on East Coast, in terms of acres but not in sales, according to Virgina wine Board. However, Wine Enthusiast Magazine awarded him ‘Rising Star of the Year’ in 2013.

At the age of 22, he founded Eric Trump Foundation, raising money for children fighting life-threatening diseases such as cancer and give them medical and emotional help. He admires his father for “hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal donations” to the Eric Trump Foundation in the past, although the Eric Trump Foundation’s tax records don’t explicitly show such donations.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) criticized Trump, a trophy hunter for shooting animals in Africa Safari and striking a pose as to being callous where his father covert and supported his son saying hunting is just like playing golf. Hunting and killing are entirely different to Donald Trump. He says it’s when one gets attached to nature. Posing along with gunned down animals shows the environment one grew on and this may excruciate Trump’s reputation and margin of voters. The brothers (Eric and Donald Jr) are both members of the controversial National Rifle Association.

Dragged to a more controversial talk, a philanthropist whereof his bloated father, he supports his flawed father, as he loves his father. Eric Trump began his career in 2006 by joining The Trump Organization.  He is an executive vice president of acquisition and development along with his other siblings.

He believed that his father had nothing, when his grandfather loaned his father a trifle of money,” a million dollars” to start his business. This seems like they are a demagogue. He believes the millennial will vote for his father, as his father has become the epitome of the American dream, he  had worked hard from scratch to get it till here owning a bevy of projects ,to which the world sees as  an emblematic to the cause of  larger problems such  disrupt economy, heighten security risks ,and political chaos.

For over 40 years in a powerful state like the USA, president nominee has released tax returns except for Trump who is hiding offshore money or paid for by a foreign government. And he told with a finesse that he can’t release his tax returns until the Internal Revenue Service completes an audit. In this regard, Eric is trying to clear things up and has left public vying at this public stunt.

He is proud that his father is an associate to LGBT when they had a gay man speak at the RNC and Donald Trump spent a lot of his time talking about the LGBT community. That is revolutionary for the Republican Party for Eric and Just because of Peter Thiel ,a billionaire capitalist   said he was proud to be Republican, Trump can’t pass the trial on that account.

When Donald Trump talked about sexual harassment at the workplace, he would ask his daughter Ivana to change the career/job, it is more of a retrograde asking girls to quit a job if they are harassed. Later Eric Trump defied that strong girls aren’t subjected to harassment and if it happens there are human resources.

As is the tactic to be keep coming to the news, where any publicity is good, Eric Trump is groomed and is confident that they will win the election. If they don’t win they still will be building skyscraper projects.

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