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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is married to her husband Paul Pelosi for more than decades. Nancy and Paul have five children together and eight grandchildren. Her husband Paul is a businessman.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is a prolific businessman and he owns real state and investment firm in California. The name of the firm is Financial Leasing Services.

Currently the couple didn’t live together because of their professional life; Paul lives in San Francisco and Nancy is Washington D.C. Paul visits his wife every month and spend a whole week together.

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The couple have also good net worth. The Californian vineyard that belong to Nancy and Paul cost about $25 million. Nancy Pelosi net worth is estimated about $200 million. Beside that the couple earn about $100,000 every month from their rented properties.

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Paul have invested in big companies like Facebook, Apple and Walt Disney. Paul also invested about $10 million in UFL which was on for 3 from 2009-2012 and closed due to some reasons. He lost whooping $5 million on investing on Sacramento Mountain Lions football team.

The couple’s net worth increase by $4 million in 2013 because of their investment in California based real estate company Russell Ranch LLC.

In an interview on 60 minutes show it had been revealed that Paul and Nancy Pelosi hade made great profit from IPO’s because they had insider information. The couple had participated in about 8 IPO’s. Now, insider trading is illegal but at that time when they were doing it the law doesn’t apply to congress members.

The STOCK act was passed by the congress which is referred as the Pelosi Provision. This bill was passed to stop the member of congress to take advantage of insider trading because they had special access to it.

In 2004 Paul tried to keep himself very low-profile and out of the politics consciously. In 1986, where Nancy stood up for her first election for the House of Representative for California; Paul had supported her in vigorous manner to raise money. He was tottaly involved in his wife’s election.

All the time in campaign Paul was making sure than the campaigh was heading towards the right direction. He even works as the surrogate for his wife Nancy.

The five children of the couple are Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra.

Nancy with her daughter Alaxendra Pelosi. Source: Getty

Their daughter Christine Pelosi is a strategist for democrats and had already worked for California Democratic Party. She was also Chief of Staff to John F. Tierney who was California Representative. At Democratic National Convention she was their super delegate.

Their first son Paul Pelosi Jr. was co-founder and an investor of Natural Blue Resources but he is no longer associated with the firm. After he left the company, it was charged by securities fraud by Securities and Exchange Commission.

Alexandra is a documentary filmmaker and a journalist. Her documentaries that she directed are Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi and Diary of a Political Tourist were aired on HBO.

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