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Rebecca Ferguson is an English-born singer who came to be widely recognized after appearing in The 2010 X Factor. Since the achievement of extraordinary success in The X Factor, Rebecca is professionally into music. Moreover, this music career has been pretty lucrative for the 30-year-old prodigy.

Rebecca Ferguson’s attitude towards money

A Telegraph reporter did a story about Rebecca Ferguson. In the interview, she says that she came from nothing. Her family was poverty-stricken. So, she had to start work at a tender age of 14. Obsessed with good clothes, Rebecca used to spend all her money on shopping. Rebecca’s childhood changed her attitude towards money.

As the musical sensation banked some money from The X Factor, she partied with friends and bought a Rolex worth around $10000.

When asked if money makes her happy, Rebecca responded, “Comfortable, yes, but money doesn’t buy happiness at all. It buys a lot of drama, but money is good when you can pay your bills and look after your family. Money doesn’t make you happy really; true happiness is about family and people that you care about.”

Rebecca Ferguson’s Income and Net Worth

By now, Rebecca has released some music albums and each of those albums has made a handsome sum of money. The album I Hope earned her $166,667. The other album Too Good to Lose made her a profit of $125,000.

Likewise, the next albums Nothing’s Real but Love, Freedom and Heaven filled Rebecca’s bank with earnings totaling $114,286, $102,564 and $86,957 respectively. All of her earnings from music career puts Rebecca at a net worth of more than $2 million.

In 2012, Ferguson was worth just over a million dollars. Since then, her net worth jumped to 1,35,932 in 2013, to 1,666,667 in 2014, to 1,818,182 in 2015 and to 2,000,000 in 2016.

Rebecca hasn’t bought a house yet. As she used to live in London, she was better off renting than buying. However, since she has moved to Liverpool back again, Rebecca will probably look to spending a few million on buying a luxurious home.

At the same time, some other sources claim that Rebecca Ferguson is worth as much as $6 million. According to The Net Worth Tomb, Ferguson earned more than $150,000 solely from endorsements and sponsorships. The same source cites that Ferguson earns a whopping amount of $700,000 annually.

The difference between the information can be attributed to use of different income sources by different calculators. Some might undermine the fact that Rebecca Ferguson is also a businesswoman. She acquired Rebecca Ferguson’s Beauty Boudoir, Childwall, Liverpool.

One thing in common between the US President Donald Trump and singer Rebecca Ferguson is that they both are business-minded.

Early Life of Rebecca Ferguson

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Rebecca Ferguson was born on 21 July 1986. She was born at Mill Road Hospital, Liverpool. Her father is of Jamaican descent and her mother is British.

When she was 2 years old, Rebecca with her father moved to a house in Woolton Village when her parents separated from Huyton. Sam is Rebecca’s younger brother.

She studied in Woolton Primary School and has completed her college at Gateacer Community Comprehensive School. Later, she moved to Anfield as a teenager. At Anfield, she got pregnant with her first child Lillie May.

Two years later her son Karl was born. She studied at Hugh Baird College, Bottle and is a qualified legal secretary.

The Career of Rebecca Ferguson

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Rebecca Ferguson’s singing career began after she entered the seventh series of The X Factor in 2010. She became the runner-up in the competition, losing to Matt Cardle.

Rebecca Ferguson has sung many songs and has released many albums. All of her albums are very famous all over the world.

On 20 November 2011, she released her debut single and it peaked at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart. Her debut album Heaven was released on 5 December 2011, in the UK. She released her albums in 2013, 2015, and 2016 respectively namely Freedom, Lady Sings the Blues, and Superwoman.

Rebecca Ferguson has been nominated for many awards. She announced that she was working on her another album on 21 April 2017. On December 1, 2017, she released her first single Uncrazy.

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