Paul LePage is the incumbent Governor of Maine who assumed office on January 5, 2011 as the successor of John Baldacci. Formerly, he was Mayor of Waterville (2003 – 2011). LePage is also an American businessman and a Republican by political ideologies.

Early Life and Education

Paul LePage was born on October 9, 1948 to father Gerard and mother Theresa. Born in Lewiston, Maine, LePage grew up with seventeen siblings in a poverty-stricken family. Having suffered tremendous abuses and beatings from father, LePage left home at a tender age of eleven. He started polishing shoes and gradually went on to wash dishes, hauling boxes and packing meat. At a point in his life, LePage was a bartender and a junior chef.

Completing high school education in a rough manner, Paul joined Husson College for an undergraduate degree in business. Then, he went to the University of Maine for Master’s degree in business administration.

Personal Life

Paul LePage is currently married to Ann DeRosby. Since being married in 1984, the couple had two children: Paul and Lauren. The couple supposedly adopted Jamaican young man Devon Raymond in 2002. Previously, Paul LePage was married to Sharon Crabbe from 1971 to 1980. The couple had two children: Lisa and Lindsay.

LePage with his wife.
LePage with his wife.

Although being a governor, LePage lives a simple middle-class life. His wife is a waitress at Boothbay and the couple lives in a home bought for $215,000 in 2014.



Arising from an impoverished family, LePage rose as a businessman after graduating from the college. Primarily, he worked for his wife’s family’s lumber company, then left the job in 1979 as they were going to divorce. To move on, LePage joined Scott Paper. He later commenced his own company called LePage & Kasevich Inc. LePage also worked as a general manager for Marden’s Surplus & Salvage.


Paul LePage was an active Republican member. Hence, he had a shot at leading as Mayor of Waterville. In 2003, he assumed office as the successor of Nelson Madore and left the office in 2011 to assume Governor’s position.

In 2010 Maine Gubernatorial Republican Primary Election, Paul faced six major Republican politicians. However, as the primary election came to an end, LePage won the nomination with more than 49,000 votes in favor i.e. 37.38% votes. Moving on to the Maine’s Gubernatorial Election, Paul won the Governor’s seat with 37.6% votes as opposed to Independent candidate Eliot Cutler’s 35.9% votes. Democrat candidate Elizabeth Mitchell suffered a heavy loss with just about 18.8% votes in favor.

Serving in the office for four years, Paul decided to run for another Gubernatorial election in 2014. He defeated Democrat Mike Michaud (43.37% votes) and Eliot Cutler (8.43% votes) with 48.18% votes i.e. more than 75,000 more votes than the last election.

As Governor of Maine, Paul has managed to use his veto rights on 182 bills, 64 more than the previously set record by James Longley. Unfortunately, not all of vetoes were passed by the Democrat Government. Currently, LePage is looking forward to running for US Senate against Angus King in 2018 election.

Donald Trump and Paul LePage

Donald Trump and LePage have many things in common – mostly in terms of their Republican political ideologies. Like Trump, LePage was also a businessman prior to entering the US politics. They both disagree with abortion rights and strongly oppose Affordable Care Act, famously known as Obamacare. Likewise, LePage doesn’t seem to considerate about environment. He proposed for a 10-million-acre development zone in Maine.

President Donald Trump and LePage together.
President Donald Trump and LePage together.

Talking about personal relationship, the two leaders might go hand in hand for the next four years. On his probable candidacy for the US Senate, LePage said that he won’t be running if Hillary Clinton wins the election. He had even vowed that he would resign if she won. Good for him that she lost.

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