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Quick facts about Rick Wiley Biography
Date of birth : ** 1969
Birth Country: Kewanee, Illinois, United States
Gender: Male
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Rick Wiley is an advisor overseeing the national field program for the Republican National Committee throughout the 2016 election cycle. In line with the RNC, Wiley was employed “in consultation and agreement with the  Donald Trump campaign.”


Early career

From 1994, Rick Wiley’s political career started as a legislative assistant to Wisconsin State Rep. Gene Hahn. He then rapt to work with Illinois State businessperson Loleta Didrickson, first as Didrickson’s legislative liaison then managing her U.S. Senate primary campaign in 1998. He was the political manager for the Associated Builders & Contractors Mid-West political operation in 2000.

Republican Party of Wisconsin

In 2001 as the political director, Wiley began operating for the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) and he remained in this position till 2004. That year, he took a leave to work as administrator of the Republican Party’s Victory effort for the presidential election. Wiley came back to the RPW as the group’s administrator after the 2004 presidential election. Wiley left the RPW in 2007 to hitch the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani (R) in its early stages. Upon leaving the party’s leadership, Wiley aforementioned, “My time with the RPW has been fantastic and I’ve worked with some very proficient folks over the last six years. I’m happy with the accomplishments we’ve had and also the work we’ve done. The foundation is prepared to deliver Wisconsin for the Republican politico in 2008.”

Presidential Election, 2016

Republican National Committee

The Republican National Committee proclaimed that it had employed Rick Wiley as an adviser to superintend the national field operation on June 15, 2016. RNC chief contriver Sean Spicer told The Washington Post, “Rick has been employed as an adviser by the RNC in consultation and agreement with the Trump campaign.”

Donald Trump

Rick Wiley joined the presidential campaign of Donald Trump as the national political director on April thirteen. Trump employed Paul Manafort as the campaign’s convention strategist in March 2016; the move came as campaign manager Corey Lewandowski received criticism for variety of alleged incidences of violence at Trump events, including his simple battery charge stemming from an event with Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields. In line with politico, “Wiley’s hiring demonstrates how fast Manafort is consolidating his own power within Trump’s campaign, gaining influence with the candidate and exerting authority over those who had antecedently reported to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, in line with multiple sources with information of the campaign.”

Wiley’s role in the campaign involved operating with field operations. When Wiley was employed, Trump explicit, “He brings decades of experience, and his deep ties to political leaders and activists across the country will be an amazing quality as we enter the ultimate section of securing the nomination.”

Criticism of Wiley

Walker’s performance in the CNN-sponsored Sept sixteen GOP presidential debate at the Reagan Library created some reports that Walker donors were putting pressure on Walker to fire Wiley. The Washington Post rumored that a significant Walker donor, speaking off the record, told them, “There is a substantial quantity of chatter that he needs to go. Individuals are distressed.” Though Walker aforementioned workers changes “didn’t come up at all” in his conversations with donors, One or additional anonymous donors conjointly told the paper that they were sad with Wiley for, by their account, increasing the workers too quickly and failing to “calibrate payment.” Wiley told a Madison, Wisconsin-based newspaper on September 17, “I’m not going anywhere. The vicious rumor cycle has begun. Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”

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