Prokopis Pavlopoulos is the incumbent President of Greece, having assumed the office on 13 March 2015. Formerly he served the Greek Government as Minister of the Interior from 10 March 2004 to 11 September 2009.

Early Life and Education

Prokopis Pavlopoulos was born on 10 July 1950 in Kalamata, Greece. Raised by a teacher parent, he started schooling in the nearby school. After completing high school, Pavlopoulos enrolled into the University of Athens to do an undergraduate degree in Law. Studying there for four years, Pavlopoulos joined Pantheon-Assas University for a DEA in 1975. Then, he did his PhD in 1977.

Personal Life

Prokopis Pavlopoulos with his wife. The couple is blessed with four children.
Prokopis Pavlopoulos with his wife. The couple is blessed with three children.

Prokopis Pavlopoulos is a married man with three children: Maria, Zoe and Vasilis. His wife, Vlassia Pavlopoulou-Peltsemi, is supposedly a housewife.


Initially, Pavlopoulos started off his career as a military man in the Hellenic Army (1978 – 1979). After completing the military service, he became a lecturer at his alma mater University of Athens. He subsequently got promoted to a Reader in 1981, an Assistant Professor in 1983 and an Associate Professor in 1986. Pavlopoulos finally got the position of Professor in 1989.

Having worked as a professor in the University of Athens for around a decade, Pavlopoulos had been a theoretical expert in laws and government control. So, the Greek government appointed him to the seats of alternate Minister for the Presidency and government spokesman in 1989. The following year, he entered President’s administration as a Legal Office head. He remained in the position for five years and moved to work as a political advisor to Miltidas Evert.

Prokopis Pavlopoulos  with 44th US President Barack Obama.
Prokopis Pavlopoulos with 44th US President Barack Obama.

Pavlopoulos ascended his first major political post, State MP, in 1996 parliamentary election. Then, in the 2000 election, he became an elected MP for Athens A. Since that win, Pavlopoulos has never lost a single election in Athens A constituency. As the New Democracy saw a victory over the oppositions in 2004 election, Pavlopoulos was appointed as Minister of the Interior. Later, the ministry was renamed the Ministry of the Interior and Public Order.

Pavlopoulos stayed in the office as Minister of the Interior and Public Order until 11 September 2009. He then remained relatively passive for a few years before being nominated for President of Greece by incumbent Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Under the support of New Democracy Party, SYRIZA and ANEL, Pavlopoulos won the election and was sworn in to the office on 13 March 2015. On that day, he officially succeeded Karolos Papoulias.

As the President of Greece, Pavlopoulos has held diplomatic talks with Russian counterpart Vladmir Putin and met Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. As the country entered debt crisis alongside Pavlopoulos entry into President’s office, it’s crucial that Pavlopoulos makes extra efforts to bring in a new legacy in Greece. The main challenge today’s Greece faces is making it prosperous again despite large debts.

Trump and Pavlopoulos

Greek President Pavlopoulos and US President Donald Trump are strangers to each other yet. Anyway, like most world leaders Pavlopoulos also congratulated President Trump for winning the election on November 8. It’s crucial that Pavlopoulos works on to strengthen US-Greece ties for self-benefits. On the other hand, Trump might also make Greece a bridge between the EU and the US.


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