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Stephanie Cutter is a political consultant who has worked for several Democrats such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Michelle Obama on campaigns and communications. In a re-election campaign in 2012, she served as Deputy Campaign Manager for President Barack Obama.

The Early life of Stephanie Cutter

Stephanie Cutter was born on 22 October 1968 in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. She was born to white parents and is a white ethnic group.

Cutter an American nationality is a graduate of the University of Smith and Georgetown. The beautiful political analyst has a perfect body shape and proper height measurements.

In the Career of Stephanie Cutter

Dubbed a popular but polarizing face of Obama’s campaign and a soldier who says what the candidate can’t or won’t say, began her career as Mario Cuomo‘s junior assistant and worked in the Environmental Protection Agency. She then served as Deputy Communications Director at the White House for Bill Clinton before working with Senator Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama.

Cutter was successful on several occasions in her campaigns, but some criticized her for the defeat of Kerry during the 2003 presidential campaign. She also appeared in some news programs and joined Crossfire in 2013 in a new version.

Stephanie Cutter’s Net worth

Stephanie Cutter in an event of NARAL Pro-Choice America

Cutter has worked with many successful politicians. In millions, the political consultant has her net value. She reportedly received $ 153,200 during her service in Barack Obama’s presidency. Also, she worked on TV and news programs together with her work in Democratic campaigns.

In the Personal life of Stephanie Cutter, children

The political analyst and campaigner achieved so much in her long career. For several reasons, she was very popular with people, but there was some talk about her personal life or relationship status. In 2013, she shared the special news that was delighted but also a little wonderful.

The news was that at the age of 44 she was pregnant with her first child. In October of the same year, she provided the information to the CNN staff with a due date of birth in March 2014. But there was one thing missing, the name of the baby’s father.

There was never a revelation from her that she was married or related to anyone. Many people speculated on the father’s identity. From now on, she is a mother of a three- year- old child and probably married to a happy family and a husband.

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