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Athena Jones’ success was a constant in her life when it came to her career in the news network for the talented and magnificent American journalist. As much as we hear about her career achievements, her personal life contrasts completely with whispers about it! The American national is a news reporter and producer best known for producing NBC News Special: Barack Obama’s inauguration (2009), Inside the Obama White House (2009) and Anderson Cooper 360 ° (2003).

The Early life of Athena Jones

Athena Jones was born on 6 July 1977 in Boston. But she grew up with her parents mainly in Louisiana and Texas. She considers her parents and teachers to be her greatest motive. However, after losing her mother in 2013, she had to do away with one of her motivations, a loss she laments even today. The loss of her mother was complemented by her dad, a judge. Her motivators, parents and teachers must be proud of her as a talented journalist. She graduated from Harvard University with a government degree and graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in journalism. She studied Spanish, literature, the arts and European politics at the University of Madrid, in addition to her major degrees. She also pursued Islamic studies with Duke University at the American Research Center in Cairo.

Cancer fighter Athena Jones Career

Before joining the CNN, she worked as a reporter for Reuters from 2001 to 2003, based in Buenos Aires. She joined the NBC news network as a correspondent for the White House. During her time in NBC, she covered Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns during the 2008 election cycle. After working with various news networks and gaining several experiences, she began her journey as a general assignment reporter in CNN. And has since been able to improve her career status. She showed her commitment to her work by working with CNN at the same pace and enthusiasm even after breast cancer was diagnosed. In the current days, she’s in good health. Greet her, despite her diagnosis, for her strength!

The Net worth of Athena Jones

With a strong educational background and enthusiasm for what she does, Jones certainly has had great career opportunities. She has a strong presence and a number of experiences in the news network that definitely helped her earn a fortune that adds to her net value. As a CNN correspondent, her salary surely exceeds the average annual wage for a correspondent of $ 53,208. As a checked name and a long journalistic history behind her, she certainly earns more than that.

In the Personal life of Athena Jones

Jones has always been active in the media and has been a successful career leader. She’s on the news for her great work and several achievements, but it seems to take a back seat when it comes to her personal life. While we would love to look into the life of love and know whether she is married or has a husband or not. This beautiful and talented woman does not seem to leave any traces of clues to kill us. It seems that her life of love will remain a mystery to us!

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