Preston Bailey is a renowned wedding and event designer based in the United States. So far, Bailey has worked for people such as President Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump and billionaire entrepreneur Sean Parker. Besides, Bailey is also famous among the Hollywood personalities as an event planner.

Early Life and Education

Preston Bailey was born in Panama to a poverty-stricken family. At an age of 19, he left Panama to go to New York City and pursue further studies in accountancy.

Personal Life

Bailey is now the King in the market of wedding and event designing. However, as a poor child in Panama, he had just seen the beauty of nature – let alone hoping to beautifully manipulate natural elements such as flowers and design other’s weddings.


After Preston Bailey came to the United States, he started looking for jobs. Handsome and muscular by appearances, he landed several jobs as a fashion model. This quick rise in career path led him to drop his aspiration of becoming an accountant. Gradually, Bailey rose significantly in the fashion world and started his own clothing store. Unfortunately, hit by the economic recession in 1980, his business suffered a closure.

Looking for a job, Bailey crashed onto his friends, Vincente Wolf and Bob Patino. The two presented their idea of working together using their innate talents of interior designing – Bailey became a flower man. Soon, Bailey founded his own business to sell floral designs and boutiques to decorate the homes of rich people. As the business took a rapid pace, Bailey took up the idea of expanding it to event designing. That same idea gave birth to today’s Preston Bailey Design.

Most of Bailey’s design themes come from nature. With a philosophy of ‘More is Better’, Bailey strives the create amazement in guests present at any event he designs. As Bailey puts it in his 2002 book titled Preston Bailey’s Design for Entertaining, “I approach designing an event like it’s an adventure.”

Preston Bailey’s event designing business gained prominence when he was invited by comedienne Joan Rivers to design a luncheon and his daughter’s wedding. Surprised by Bailey’s amazing and unique talents, Joan Rivers became a life-long friend and mentor to Bailey. Besides, Bailey has accomplished successful parties and ceremonies in collaboration with several Hollywood celebrities and America’s richest people.

Besides designing multimillion-dollar ceremonies for the richest Americans, Preston Bailey believes that even the middle class and low-income people should be able to have access to hi idea. Hence, he has been selling his products in several gift retailers around the US.

Donald Trump and Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey designed the lavish multimillion-dollar wedding of Donald Trump and Melania Knauss in 2005. Though the exact figure of the wedding cost has not been revealed, it is estimated to be a few million dollars. Moreover, the caviar alone cost $18,000 and Melania’s Dior gown cost $100,000.

In the same way, Preston also designed the wedding day of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump with millionaire businessman Jared Kushner.


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