Bruce Williams is an American citizen who is widely recognized as a renowned radio host. He is popular for his nationally syndicated talk show including “The Bruce Williams Show”  that aired throughout the United States for 29 years until the end of its production in March 2010. Along with it, he is also an entrepreneur, writer, and former mayor of Franklin Township, New Jersey from 1967-1975.

The Early life of Bruce Williams

He was born as Bruce H. Williams on 18 February 1932 and grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. There, he attended Newark State Teachers College which is now renamed as Kean University. From there, he earned a degree in education, and also became active in politics, education, and business in New Jersey. Later, he attended Upsala College but later he left it so that he could serve with the United States Air Force. However, the information about his parent and siblings has not been disclosed yet.

Bruce Williams Career

In 1975, he started his broadcasting career as a host on radio WCTC’s At Your Service. However, he got popularity with his programming block in NBC Talknet, which he joined in 1981. After that, he ran his syndicated talk show called ‘The Bruce Williams Show‘ for 29 years which is considered the longest-running radio talk show in America. In that show, he used to respond his listeners through the phone calls, addressing their queries on issues related to money, business, and other topics. Finally, in 2010, the show ended.

In 1999, he had also served the National Radio Hall of Fame. There, he worked on the radio as a host on the business and political related show. By Talkers Magazine, in the National Radio Hall of Fame, he was ranked the sixth greatest talk show host in radio history. Finally, he announced his retirement from his long-time broadcasting career in 2013.

Besides host and entrepreneur, he is also a writer and has written altogether six books to date. The list of his books are as follows:

  • America Asks Bruce
  • House Smart
  • In Business for Yourself
  • Protecting your Financial Future (foreword)
  • The Bruce Williams Source Book
  • Thanks for Asking

The Net worth of Bruce Williams

At current (2018), his net worth is not revealed yet. But, his annual income is estimated to be approximately $46 thousand per annum. Though, there is no information about his cars and mansion but, we can imagine that being a famous radio host he must be living a comfortable life in an expensive house and using luxury cars for his transportation.

Since he is an entrepreneur he has a wide range of business ventures like insurance sales, driving a beer truck and taxi, real estate sales, a barber shop, flower shop, several nightclubs, and a car rental agency as well. In 2009, he along some investor founded a Jersey Boy Pork Roll which is an online pork selling store. He has also founded Lane Robbins, Oak Crest Day Camp, a private preschool in Somerset.

In the Personal life of Bruce Williams

In 1975, he was married to Ruthann Burns with whom he has five children. His all children are named Matthew, Mark, Robbins, Kelly, and Michael Williams. The couple started raising their children from 1961 in their private kindergarten in New Jersey. But, unfortunately, their marriage life could not last long and they got separated in 1988. After that, in 1993, he dated Susan Forbes and got engaged with her in Bed Ford, New York. His wedding ceremony was held at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. Similar to Bruce, it was Susan’s second marriage as well. Finally, his second marriage got to succeed and lately, he celebrated 2017’s Christmas with his wife in Ireland. According to the source, at present, the couple resides at their home in the north of Tampa, Florida. However, there is no information on whether the couple has any children or not.

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