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Frederick Trump Jr. was the second eldest child in the Trump family. He was eight years older than President Donald Trump.

Early Life and Education

Frederick Trump was born in 1938 to father Fred and mother Mary Anne McLeod Trump. As a child, Fred wanted to become a pilot. Hence, he went on to study flying.

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Personal Life

Fred Trump Jr. has two children: Mary and Frederick Christ Trump III.


Fred Trump Jr. was a passionate airplane pilot and a very good mediator. However, he could never do good during his time with the family business because of chronic alcoholism. As a result, Freddy died at a young age of 43 i.e. in 1981.

Donald Trump and Fred Trump Jr.

As Donald Trump says, Freddy wasn’t a very competent person in the family business. He also says that their father Fred Trump had greater confidence in Donald than anyone. As some speculate, such differences in the family put pressure on Freddy which might have been the cause of his alcoholism. However, when asked about the same thing to Donald Trump, he said, “I hope not. I hope not.” Trump also said, “For me, it worked very well. For Fred, it wasn’t something that was going to work.”

Freddy’s father was an authoritarian workaholic and similar traits – maybe to a lesser degree – passed on to Donald Trump, but Freddy appeared completely different. He started with coke then moved on to beer and other harder drinks. Such a problem crashed the life of potential and intelligent young man. Learning from Freddy, Donald Trump has never touched any form of liquor.

Although some people think Donald Trump let down Freddy, they apparently were very good friends and brothers. Freddy even was the best man at Donald’s first wedding. Moreover, Donald Trump once said, “He would have been an amazing peacemaker if he didn’t have the problem because everybody loved him.” This indeed shows how highly Donald thought of his elder brother.

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