Dianne Bentley is the former First Lady of Alabama. She is also a bacteriologist.

Early Life and Education

Dianne Bentley was born in Alabama state of the United States. As she graduated from high school, she joined the University of Alabama for undergraduate studies in bacteriology.

Personal Life

Diana Bentley with governor husband Robert Bentley. The couple was married for fifty years.
Dianne Bentley with governor husband Robert Bentley. The couple was married for fifty years.

Dianne Bentley and husband Robert Bentley married on 24 July 1965 i.e. more than 50 years ago. Along the course of their life, the two had four sons: Paul, Luke, John Mark and Matthew Bentley. And, the four sons have given Bentley couple six grandchildren: Anna Claire, Mary Boyd, Katie, Taylor, Avery Blair and Hayden.

Robert Bentley and Diana Bentley with their grand children.
Robert Bentley and Dianne Bentley with their grand children.

As Bentley reminds herself in an interview, her husband was a dermatologist prior to joining the American politics. Suddenly living in a Governor’s mansion indeed became a drastic change in the couple’s life. Moreover, Bentley mentioned that the house remains full of people since the start of the day.

Despite going through an enjoyable life for almost half a century, the Bentley couple faced a sudden divorce case on allegations that Governor Robert Bentley had an affair with Rebekah Mason. Mason is a former staffer at Robert Bentley’s office. Wife Dianne Bentley filed for a divorce in August 2015 and vaguely elaborated the reason for such an action. She said that the marriage was going through an ‘irretrievable breakdown’. The divorce case was sealed by Judge Elizabeth Hamner on August 31 and finalized on September 29. As per the ruling, the marriage settlement included a lucrative deal for First Lady Dianne Bentley. She received a beach home, a one-time payment of $92,000 and $750 of alimony per month. Moreover, Bentley even got reimbursed for all the expenses during the legal divorce process.

As First Lady

Although a bacteriology graduate from the University of Alabama, Dianne Bentley spent most of her days involved in Alabama politics. As the wife of Alabama Governor, she served in the spouse’s school of National Governors Association. Likewise, she collaborated with various companies such as Safe America Foundation, Verizon Wireless, and Ready Alabama to increase Alabama’s preparedness for any future state emergencies – whether it be natural or human-induced.

In 2004, Dianne Bentley commenced a campaign titled ‘Blankets with a Blessing’. As per the initiative, in 2011, she gave out 55 blankets to Shelby County Safe House which provides shelters to several homeless people. Even after parting her way from Robert Bentley’s life, Dianne is still actively involved in community works. As of 2016, she gave an inspirational speech in favor of foster parenting in an event ‘The Elements of Foster Care’ organized by Gateway.

Donald Trump and Dianne Bentley

Dianne Bentley and President Donald Trump are pretty much unknown figures to each other. While Trump took office on January 20, 2017, Bentley was no more the First Lady of Alabama.

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