Deborah Bryant is the current First Lady of Mississippi. She has been in the office since January 10, 2012 as her husband, Phil Bryant, succeeded Haley Barbour as Governor of Mississippi. Bryant is the pioneer of Healthcare, Outdoors, Mansion/Military and Education (H.O.M.E) platform.

Early Life and Education

Deborah Bryant was born and raised in West Jackson, Mississippi. She went to a local school and has been a life-long member of the Methodist Church. For further education, Bryant pursued medical sector.

Personal Life

Deborah Bryant and Governor Phil Bryant have been married for around 40 years now. Along the way, the couple had two kids: Katie and Patrick. Katie is married to Stephen with two children. Patrick is not yet married, but he lives in Texas.

Governor Phil Bryant with his wife and family. hey have two children and his daughter is married.
Governor Phil Bryant with his wife and family. hey have two children and his daughter is married.


After graduating from college, Deborah Bryant joined St. Dominic Hospital. As a woman who loves to work and care for other people, Bryant survived 39 years in the same hospital. Leaving hospital, Bryant has been fully investing her time to serve the people of Mississippi as First Lady.

Deborah Bryant’s focus areas as the first lady have been summed up in her initiative named H.O.M.E. HOME stands for Healthcare, Outdoors, Mansion/Military and Education. As a pioneer of such a unique initiative, Deborah wants to change lives of people from varying backgrounds. As a part of H from HOME, Bryant is looking to improve health care services in Mississippi, especially for teenage pregnancy, breast cancer, and disabilities.

Likewise, as an outgoing person, Deborah leads outdoor activities in Mississippi state. Such activities include public area cleaning, discouraging dumping of wastes in rivers and ponds, etc. Similarly, as a part of M from HOME, Bryant believes that the Governor’s Mansion is a public property and should be open for all Mississippians. Finally, the last but not the least part of her HOME initiative is education. She believes in education as a way to bring positive change.

Most importantly, what people find best about Deborah is her openness to talk to her fellow Mississippians. She approaches, interacts and invites people to her future programs and endeavors.


  • Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, William Carey University
  • Honorary Chair, Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Services
  • Board Member, Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi
  • Board Member, USA International Ballet Competition
  • Committee Member, Governor’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Force
  • 2015 Women of Distinction Laureate, Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi
  • 2014 “Women of Excellence” Award recipient by Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi

Donald Trump and Deborah Bryant

Although we can’t find links between Deborah Bryant and Donald Trump, Governor Phil Bryant and President Trump seem to be close allies. Phil supports Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration and even attended Trump inauguration on January 20.


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