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Facts about Stuart Jolly
Date of birth: January 1, 1925
Gender: Male
Net worth: under review

Stuart Jolly

Stuart Jolly is the political leader of great America PAC, a super PAC supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


Stuart Jolly—a graduate of East Carolina University—is a retired army of the United States of America. He is an expert of the Gulf War, having earned wonderful rewards from national level while serving in Iraq.

From 2006 to 2013, Stuart worked as the state director for the US nation for Prosperity in Oklahoma. As a state director, Stuart was involved in promoting a number of military positions on policy. In 2010, he organized a trip for military members of AFP to Cancun, Mexico, where they protested a United Nations meeting on climate change. Jolly explained the group’s opposition to proposed cap-and-trade policies to Tulsa the day that there was nothing in cap-and-trade that would prevent what was occurring naturally. It’s nothing more than a hidden tax to get you to use less energy and rely on the government for your needs. President Barak Obama should not pledge emission reductions that the political party Congress has not passed.”  Jolly was also a strong enthusiast of a plan in revocation of Oklahoma’s income tax in the year 2012. He gathered a piece for National Review that argued for the repeal, saying: “Oklahoma has been strong economically over the past decade, but it  has been lagging behind Texas in every measure meanwhile  the city Oklahoma was supposed to be business-friendly, Texas — with no income tax — is a better option for Oklahoma companies looking to transpose.

In January 2013, Jolly left the American militarily campaign to work for a free-market and school choice organization, the Education Freedom Alliance. The organization targets to make public education better by expanding school choice, charter school opportunities, and a lot other better amenities for all children through advocacy and legislative actions at the federal, state, and local levels. During that time period, jolly worked as the organization’s one of the sincere directors until joining the Donald Trump Campaign in the year 2015.

Presidential election, 2016

Great America PAC

On May 27, 2016, Politico reported that Jolly had joined the Great American PAC, one of the leading super PACs supporting Trump’s presidential campaign. According to the article, Jolly thought his experience with the Trump campaign made him collectible for an outside organization like Great America. He said that he could be effective from the outside.

Donald Trump campaign

On June 16, 2015, Trump declared his bid for the presidency at Trump Tower in NY (New York) City.[10]  Stuart Jolly was hired as the campaign’s political leader for the southeast region.[2] In February 2016, Stuart raised as a key advisor for states outside the Southeast. He said that The McCarville Report that he took over Trump’s ground game in the streets of New Hampshire preceding to its primary election, Some reports claimed that Stuart’s new move to the New Hampshire was an aide to Ciepielowski, the researchers noted that the person familiar with the move said that  Jolly was brought in because New Hampshire state director Ciepielowski, a 2011 college graduate, was in over his mind.

After gaining victory in New Hampshire, Trump lauded his “ground game” in the United States. Enumerating the role of Jolly and other campaign staff in his “definitive victories in most of the early state elections and on Super Tuesday,” Trump raised Jolly to the role of national field director on the 2nd of March 2016.

Jolly signed the resignation of his position on 18th of April, 2016, after the trump campaign hired Rick Wiley to be the national political director. According to the reports from CNN, Stuart Jolly was a loyal personnel to Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and Stuart’s departure shrinks the circle of loyal aides Corey Lewandowski has been bounding him as Paul Manafort, Trump’s recent hire to manage the convention strategy, gains more clout in the Trump campaign.” Stuart jolly added that there were not any misbehaves or mistakes he had done, it was his own wish.

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