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CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny has always been addressed and never bothered as an openly gay journalist. But how did people assume his sexuality when he had not even whispered with his non – existent wife about his well-hidden personal life? Jeff Zeleny is well known for being the former senior correspondent for ABC News in Washington. Since then, people know him as CNN’s senior White House correspondent. Jeff won the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism during his work for The Chicago Tribune for his contribution to a series on air traffic control problems across the country.

The Early life of Jeff Zeleny

Jeffrey Dean Zeleny was born on 10 June 1973 and is the son of Robert Dean Zeleny and Diane Naomi. Together with his older brothers James Robert Zeleny and Michael Jon Zeleny, he grew up in the family farm. He received his education at the Exeter High School and studied journalism and political science at the University of Nebraska. Jeff Zeleny, 45 years of age, graduated in 1996. And interned into journals such as the Florida Times-Union, the Wall Street Journal, and the Arkansas Democratic Gazette before working for The Des Moines Register in 1996.

Jeff Zeleny’s Career

In 2000, he began writing for The Chicago Tribune, covering the presidential campaigns which led him to cover politics for The New York Times in 2006. When Jeff covered the 2012 presidential election for the paper, he received considerable attention in asking President Obama at his 100-day press conference in April 2009 a peculiar question about how “surprised, troubled, enchanted and humbled” he was during his first days in office. In February 2013, Jeff was hired by ABC News to be their senior Washington correspondent. And it was not long before he joined CNN in March 2015 and was appointed Senior White House correspondent in January 2017; he certainly earns a large salary of over $186 million.

The Personal life of Jeff Zeleny

It’s no secret Jeff Zeleny is gay; in fact, an open gay. Everyone knows, but nobody knows how it came about. You’ve seen that right. And let’s not forget that he’s too quiet about his own life or about any of his affairs. Isn’t that too suspicious? What if he really isn’t gay and has a woman behind the curtains? However, if we keep this hypothesis aside, let us respect the fact that Jeff hides his affairs behind his professional life. And people think he’s a gay out, talking about his sexuality. But he never addressed these statements; he also did not deny them. And there’s no article that stopped giving him the gay etiquette when he mentioned him. Jeff is fine with it, which makes it more confusing.

Oh, and he also writes about gay rights; once, he wrote about the signing of a presidential memorandum by former US President Barack Obama to extend benefits to gay partners. But he never kept his opinions in what he wrote. So it was hard to assume his open and not so open sexuality that many people wondered if he was living a serene life with his possible wife. In any event, the questions about Jeff’s partner are as unanswered as ever, and his personal life is too hazy.

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