Anne Gust Brown is the current First Lady of California who took office on January 3, 2011 as her husband, Jerry Brown, succeeded Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California. Gust is also a former lawyer and an executive of The Gap. She is frequently perceived as the most powerful state First Lady in the US.

Early Life and Education

On March 15, 1958, Anne Gust Brown was born to father Rockwell and mother Anne Baldwin. Raised in Bloomfield Hills of Michigan, Gust went to a local high school and always ranked at the top of her class. Leaving high school, she joined Stanford University for an undergraduate degree in political science. Later, she went to the University of Michigan for a Juris Doctorate degree.

Personal Life

Anne Gust with husband Jerry Brown as he takes his oath.
Anne Gust with husband Jerry Brown as he takes his oath.

59-year-old Anne Gust is married to 78-year-old Jerry Brown. After meeting at a party in 1990, the couple started dating even though the age difference between the two was significantly high. In 2005, the couple got married but hasn’t had any children yet. Interestingly, Jerry and Anne are first marriages to each other.



As a law graduate from the University of Michigan Law School, Anne Gust started working as a lawyer at Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area for a while, she moved to joined Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison. While at these two companies, Anne Gust gained a lot of experience, expertise, and fame simultaneously. Then, she left the private law world to join The Gap.

The Gap

In The Gap, Anne was appointed as an in-house attorney. Soon, she ascended to the post of General Counsel because of her extraordinary performance. Anne gradually moved on to other senior posts such as vice president for human resources (1994 – 1998), administrator legal and corporate side (1998 – 1999) and finally a vice president of all these offices (1999 – 2000). Subsequently, in 2000, Anne was appointed as Chief Administrative Officer. However, due to Jerry Brown’s upcoming attorney general election, she resigned in 2005.

Jack in the Box

Even after leaving The Gap in 2005, Gust was still a director at Jack in the Box Inc. The incorporate is a fast food restaurant chain in the US. She left the position to help her husband run for Governor of California in 2010 election.

As First Lady of California, unlike any other state first ladies, Anne Gust Brown has heavily engaged herself as a tacit adviser for Governor Jerry Brown. Reportedly, most of his political and economic measures are largely affected by wife, Anne Gust. That is perhaps the reason they call her the most powerful state First Lady in America.

Donald Trump and Anne Gust

As aforementioned, Anne Gust and her husband and Governor Jerry Brown are people with similar political ideologies and are very much interdependent. Hence, it’s certain that Gust also holds the same against Trump as Brown holds. For example, Brown has vowed to fight Donald Trump – the same might be a likely stand for Anne Gust, given she acts as a tacit adviser for Brown.

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