In the vaginal cavity there is a small microbial world populated by approximately one billion individuals … per millimeter of vaginal secretions. It is the vaginal microbiota, formerly called vaginal flora. Only 10 years ago, researchers ignored the incredible diversity of this microworld, they had no idea of ​​the number of species in play in the vagina, nor of their role for good local functioning, nor of the impact of their imbalance

. This flora, composed of “good bacteria” (lactobacilli) in 85%, accompanies the woman throughout her genital life and undergoes modifications depending on the circumstances: puberty, rules, pregnancy, menopause … The last discoveries about this true ecosystem constitute a revolution of knowledge, of the understanding of the present forces,

  1. It is known that the balance of this vaginal microbiota (different from the gut microbiota or the skin microbiota) guarantees good local health

Ensures the comfort of the vaginal wall in day to day, facilitates sexual relations and protects against infections, also those of sexual transmission, limiting the aggressiveness of certain viruses (HIV, papilloma virus, herpes …).

  1. Thanks to the acceleration of scientific knowledge, women acquire this knowledge and understand what happens in “the interior”

In this way, it is possible to understand why and how to alleviate most of their intimate woes: mycosis, cystitis, bacterial infections, vaginal problems of the postpartum period or menopause.

  1. Women will learn to better protect the balance of their vaginal microbiota from chronic external and internal aggressions

The potential aggressors are numerous: hygienic errors by too frequent washing and the use of aggressive products, douching (supreme poison), local antiseptics, antibiotics, tobacco (poison totally ignored), et cetera.

Although some of these factors are sometimes almost inevitable (antibiotics, for example), it is easy to prevent the imbalance of the flora by supplementing it with protective agents of the microbiota, such as probiotics. In daily life it is also convenient to adopt appropriate habits and know how to adapt them to all the circumstances of a woman’s life, as detailed in the work Microbiote vaginal: la révolution rose .

What are the consequences of the imbalance of this vaginal microbiota?

Studies reveal unambiguously that the vast majority of vaginal infections and even certain urinary tract infections are linked to an imbalance of the microbiota (there is talk of dysbiosis). A good number of women also suffer from repeated relapses of these infections, so they take more anti-infective ovules or antibiotics without really proven results.

The crisis is relieved momentarily, but several weeks or months later, it returns. Although the interest of antibiotics or antifungals is undeniable in some cases, sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease, since these drugs aggravate the imbalance of the flora and program the next crisis.

The therapeutic revolution consists, therefore, in restoring vaginal balance, not with antifungal ovules or repetitive antibiotics, but with probiotics, a more natural, ecological and effective remedy.

Probiotics are living microorganisms, lactobacilli from probiotic banks. Vaginal lactobacilli come from healthy women. They are extracted and selected for their defensive qualities. After several treatments, they end up in a bank of strains. The laboratories then use them for the formulation of their food supplement or medical device (pills, ovules, tablets, etc.).

Introduced in sufficient quantity, these probiotics have a beneficial effect on the organism, reinforce the weakened defenses of the vagina, attack the enemy populations that are there to take the place of the good bacteria .

Probiotics also allow vaginal comfort on a day-to-day basis and during sexual intercourse. In fact, the imbalance of the vaginal flora does not only mean a greater vulnerability for infections, but also a greater fragility of the vagina with its entourage of symptoms: irritation, dryness, burning, itching, pain during relationships .

This can seem superfluous for those who only know the wonderful silence of their vagina or pleasure during their love affairs, but it is essential for women who endure severe pain without daring to talk about their repeated cystitis, their annoying fungal diseases, the fear of riding a bike , of the aversion to having sex for fear of a new infection or a new crisis.

Probiotics, used alone or in combination with other treatments (particularly in menopause), have been shown to have a truly liberating effect. The usual cure is usually three months, depending on the circumstances.

But what probiotics to choose? What are the “good lactobacilli” that make up these probiotics? What is the optimal dose? Should we apply them orally or vaginally? In what circumstances to use them? How much time and how often? Are there undesirable effects? Many questions to which this work provides concrete and simple answers.

By 2030, from adolescence, women will know the precise deciphering of their vaginal microbiota

The life of women and their partners has only begun to change. If you want to know what the intimate universe of tomorrow will be made of or how the visits to the gynecologist will be made in 2030, immerse yourself in La révolution rose… It is just around the corner and, nevertheless, nothing will ever be the same again.


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