Here is a universal truth: a correct and balanced diet, with professional and personalized monitoring, should always work. The exceptions are counted with the fingers of the hand. So, what is the only necessary step for a diet to work? Take it seriously. Here are seven excuses that are preventing you from losing weight:

Nothing happens if i eat much only one day


“Looking at the achievements, realizing that the goal is getting closer, is the best revulsive not to cut a successful diet,” explain clinicians Ravenna Madrid psychologists.

There are nutritionists who allow in their diets a more caloric weekly meal for a psychological reason: the patient will better support the routine of the diet, especially if it is long lasting. To draw the conclusion that ‘once a week I can eat whatever it is because it is not fattened’ is to go very far and a very dangerous way of self-deception, because we risk throwing what was achieved by the edge.

“I substitute the snack for dinner and change the apple for a kiwi”

Making food changes on our own is not a good idea, since we do not know the nutritional equivalences, the glycemic indexes, the caloric inputs … Not all fish, not all fruits, not all whole grains are the same. And the same goes for the order of the meals. Part of the success of a diet, and especially of the maintenance, is knowing how to order, and that implies meals in number and in hours.

“As I almost do not eat, I do not exercise”


Slimming is a combination of diet and exercise. Yes, it is true that if we only eat healthy, in small amounts and without just fats, we end up thinning by the mere wear of the body with the day to day, but not adding exercise is a serious mistake.

 “My friend has spent a great diet …”

Diets should always be personalized, and for this there is nothing like the one that is prescribed by an expert. What one person does is great, it may not work in another. It is very important to collect as much information as possible, not only medical (family and personal history) but also related to the patient’s current life: living alone, in pairs, with or without children, working shift, … They help to propose a diet that is as easy as possible, that allows to lose weight and improve the state of health.

“Diet coke does not add calories, it does not matter”


The risk of allowing open bar with non – caloric meals is especially behavior that, despite apparently they enjoy a healthy halo, are highly processed products in which an ingredient has been replaced by another and not necessarily better. In addition, the success of a diet is not only to lose the extra pounds, but also to keep us at that ideal weight for the rest of our lives.

“I’ve been doing it for seven days and I do not lose weight … F*&$ the diet!”

There are many factors why the scale ‘cheats’ us not seeing the progress: take medication, have the rule, fly by plane … The body continues to lose fat but the needle of the scale does not lower by that liquid than, more Early that afternoon, we will expel. It is best to take it seriously and not give up. If you still do not see progress, do not take justice by your hand and discuss it with your nutritionist, because you may have to make some adjustment in the diet.

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