To say “you are the closest thing to Hitler” is probably one of the biggest insults that can be uttered. If there was a demon in the twentieth century that was Adolf Hitler. Thousands and thousands of books have been written about him, and an attempt is still made to find an explanation of why he was a man.

He and the regime that he established, Nazism, massacred millions of people and very few claim their legacy. It is already more than seven decades of his death by suicide in his bunker. Surrounded, defeated and humiliated, he chose to shoot himself in the temple.

To know more deeply the profile of the Nazi dictator there is nothing more advisable than to go into some of his biographies ( that of Ian Kershaw is, perhaps, one of the best ). But there are many more facets of this shot that maybe you did not know. Here are some.

  • Hitler was German born in Austria

Despite being a dictator of Germany, to become the most ruthless defender of the country’s expansion and to fill his mouth with the word ‘Germany, Germany, Germany’, Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, on 20 April of 1889. Only the 25 of February of 1932 obtained the German citizenship.

Photo of Hitler as a child.
Photo of Hitler as a child.
  • He became temporarily blind

Hitler was wounded twice during World War I. The first, in 1916, as a result of the shrapnel of a grenade. The 13 of October of 1918 was victim of a gas attack that left him temporarily blind.

  • Hitler did high consumption of sugar

Despite being worried about the idea of ​​gaining weight, Hitler abused the consumption of sugar to limits unsuspected. As the writer Thomas Fuchs relates in his book A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler , the German dictator was throwing up to seven tablespoons of sugar in tea. His friend Ernst Hanfstaengl said that on some occasion he saw him even pouring sugar into the red wine.

  • He was anti-smoke maniac completely

The cigarettes were absolutely forbidden in his presence. Although young as a smoker , he changed drastically to the point that taking a cigarette to his mouth considered it “a decadent act” and tobacco the manifestation of “the anger of the Red Man – the Native Americans – against the White Man for Have taken the brandy. ” He removed the tobacco packets from the ‘Christmas baskets’ that were sent to the soldiers and replaced with candy. He even considered the possibility that, in the future, all cigarettes manufactured in Germany would lack nicotine.

  • He had a digestion problem and was a big fart

Hitler was a vegetarian. From a young age, he had problems with digestion, periodic spasms and “excessive winds and uncontrollable sweats”, according to Neil Kressel in his book Mass Hate . By reducing the consumption of meat he realized that he did not sweat so much and did not so much stain his underwear. He was also convinced that by eating vegetables his flatulence did not smell so badly, a problem which, if at all, was stinkily habitual .

  • His mustache was not famous at that time

The square cut, by brush, that has remained as the great symbol of his person was not always so. In the early twenties Hitler spent a large mustache, typical of the time. In papers belonging to a soldier who fought alongside Hitler during World War I, Alexander Frey, tells how he urged him to trim his mustache so he could put on the gas mask .

Already with his characteristic mustache, the Nazi press secretary, Dr. Sedgwick, attempted to convince Hitler in 1923 to take one of two measures: either shave the whole or grow a mustache. Simply because it was not fashionable. Hitler replied, “Do not worry about my mustache. If it is not fashionable now, it will be later because I use it.”

His mustache was considered awkward and funny.
His mustache was considered awkward and funny.
  • He didn’t let anybody see him naked including doctors

Hitler never allowed anyone to see him naked. That someone also included the doctors (although we do not believe Eva Braun). Even so, he left some pictures in which he could see a little more skin than usual.

This must be the rare picture of Adolf Hitler showing little skin.
This must be the rare picture of Adolf Hitler showing little skin.
  • His enemies conspired to murder him more than 42 times – all failed

On July 20, 1944, a year before the end of World War II, the German Army Claus von Stauffenberg placed a briefcase with a bomb activated under the table where Hitler was scheduled to meet with his staff at his headquarters in East Prussia, Ketrzyns (present-day Poland). It was known as ‘Operation Valkyrie’.

Four of the 24 people who were in the room when the briefcase exploded died, but Hitler was only slightly injured by a matter of pure luck: one of the assistants pushed the lethal briefcase with his foot before the detonation.

The exact number of attempts to kill Hitler has never been known (it would be impossible) but there is a general consensus that there were no fewer than 42 attempts. None, of course, thrived.

  • He used gun and poison to kill himself after the day of his marriage

Hitler’s suicide was milimetrically planned. With the encouragement of the Russian troops in the neck, knowing defeated, 30 of April of 1945 Hitler said goodbye to the military dome and of the Nazi party that was next to him in his bunker of the Chancellery. He thanked the service staff and locked himself in his room with his wife, Eva Braun, with whom he had married the day before. Heinz Linge, chief of staff of the ‘führer’, told how a shot was heard shortly. They waited 15 minutes and then they opened the door. Hitler had shot himself in the head and had taken a cyanide capsule. The poison was enough to end the life of Braun, who had already tried to kill herself twice in order to get the attention of his beloved.

Linge followed the precise instructions of the dictator. Along with other officers they collected the corpses and threw them in a ditch caused by the fall of a howitzer next to the entrance of the bunker.

Hitler and Eva Braun, his wife and a long time mistress.
Hitler and Eva Braun, his wife and a long time mistress.

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