Quick Info about Bob Corlett Proctor

  • Full NameBob Corlett Proctor
  • First NameBob
  • Middle NameCorlett
  • Last NameProctor
  • Born NameRobert Corlett Proctor
  • Birth date05/07/1934
  • Birth PlaceOntario
  • Height5.8"
  • Eye ColorDark Brown
  • Zodiac SignCancer
  • NationalityCanadian
  • EthnicityWhite-Canadian
  • ProfessionAuthor, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker
  • WifeLinda Proctor
  • Net Worth$25 million
  • Weight70
  • Age87
  • Twitterhttps://twitter.com/bobproctorLIVE
  • Children

    Brian Proctor

Robert (Bob) Corlett Proctor was a Canadian self-help author, a business coach, and a motivational speaker who traveled all over the world delivering how people can benefit from their own positive thoughts and can reach their full potential. He was best known for co-founding the “Proctor Gallagher Institute”. His career started with meeting Earl Nightingale whom he yielded much knowledge and inspiration. Soon he became vice president of sales and brought students from the US and Canada to make their lives better. Besides, he was also considered one of the world’s leading experts on the human mind and the greatest prosperity teacher. His book “You Were Born Rich” was recognized as a bestselling book. He starred in the movie ‘The Secret’ as an actor which describes his ‘law of attraction and the law of vibration.’ His ability to explain how the mind works makes him the best expert in this area.


Bob Proctor was involved in various seminars across the globe. He has taught people to live their lives with joy and happiness. His recently published books; ‘The Art of Living’ (2018) and ’12 Power Principles for Success’ (2019) are greatly recognized all over the world. He had engaged with his company and taught people about life and its methods. Also, he had conducted self-study programs. He was speaking to people in Vienna on 1st March 2020. Once Proctor conducted an interactive program for 13 months to help people unlock the secrets of human potential. He was also engaged in different interviews on the social network platform and delivered his messages.

Proctor read a book given by his friend ‘Think and Grow Rich’ which made him read more books. He started working in various companies all over the world. And further to learn he decided to join Nightingale-Conant and soon become the vice president of sales. Also, he worked as a motivational speaker and brought students from the US and Canada who soon started climbing up their life soon. He started working with full dedication and hard work that brought him great success. His ‘law of attraction’ is one of the principles that teach people how to live their lives with full potential. With his friend Sandy Gallagher, he co-founded Proctor Gallagher Institute and gave people from all over the world his ideas and realistic things.

The Net Worth of Bob Proctor

Proctor as an author had made almost a net worth of more than $25 million as of February 2022. He was one of those people who had reached this height with all his own hard work and dedication. Annually he was paid around $3.47 million salary. His home and mansions are spread in the USA, Canada, and the UK as well as other places across the globe, and are estimated to be in millions of dollars. His net worth also includes cars and other vehicles which are valued at over a million dollars. Also, his net worth is increasing at a high level through the sales of his books, publications, and through the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Personal life – Wife and Children

Bob Proctor is married to Linda Proctor on Aug. 15, 1945, and the couple has one child Brian Proctor who is also an author and has written a number of books (darn easy, work half as hard, etc). His wife is also a successful business owner and author of the book “Earn It and Enjoy It”. He also mentions his wife’s name in a number of his speeches.

Childhood of Bob Proctor

Bob Corlett Proctor was born in Ontario, Canada (July 5, 1934). He was sent to High school where he studied only for two months and is a dropout student. At the age of 14, he worked for 1$ per hour and was greatly dedicated to it. In the remaining time, he used to paint houses, sell flower boxes, and clean floors. By the age of 26, he was unknown about what his future would be like. His life took a turning point when he read a book given by his friend ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and started a career where he had a successful life.


Proctor started a company in 1973 and has been celebrating ever since. He is also an entrepreneur, teacher, writer, businessman, and motivational speaker who has taught a better version of living life. His book ‘You Were Born Rich’ is one of the bestselling books that carries his beliefs about human potential. He was considered one of the greatest American prosperity teachers. Also, he was the recipient of the 1988 “Toastmaster Communication and Leadership Award” and the “Honorary Chairman National Charity Award” in 2001. He also co-founded a proctor Gallagher Institute with his business partner Sandy Gallagher. But sadly due to oldness and illness, he died at the age of 87 on February 03, 2022.

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