Sylvia Weinstock is an American cakemaker who is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Wedding Cakes’. She supplies cakes to the rich American families for special occasions such as wedding, engagement or other parties.

Early Life and Education

Sylvia Weinstock was born in an American family in Syracuse. The information about her educational background is not available.

Personal Life

Sylvia Weinstock is married to a former attorney. They had three daughters and the family currently lives in New York City.


Sylvia Weinstock’s career as a cake baker started from her own kitchen. Primarily, she used to make cakes for her family desserts or special friends’ gatherings. Luckily, one day, recognizing the potential of Sylvia, pastry chef George Keller, recruited her as an apprentice. Working with George and his colleagues, Sylvia learned the integral parts of honing her cake-making talents. Soon enough, she became a cake supplier to local restaurants.

As the cake business grew in the locality, it became noticeable to one of the social elite in New York. Reportedly, the person helped bring Sylvia the first major client – not a retail store or a bakery shop, but a luxury hotel based in Manhattan named The Carlyle. As Sylvia started supplying cakes for The Carlyle, she became a famous cake maker in the elite world of New York. Subsequently, the clients of her indescribably delicious cake grew from New York kitchen to elite cities in California.

According to an interview, Sylvia Weinstock’s bakery makes around 500 cakes per year, and the cakes significantly vary in sizes. Interestingly, she has made cakes as tall as 12 feet and as big a chunk that comfortably feeds 5000 people. In the same way, the costs of these vary as well. Some of Sylvia’s creations cost well over $10,000. However, the interesting thing is people would pay a fortune to get a cake from her bakery – $10,000 is just one of those numbers.

Upon being asked what kind of people Sylvia takes orders from, she replied, “It could be the average girl who saved her money up for a while who’s decided she wants to do something wonderful for her wedding, and she’s our client.” So far, Sylvia’s cakes have been featured in elite ceremonies of numerous celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Lopez.

Donald Trump and Sylvia Weinstock

Sylvia Weinstock baked the wedding cake for Donald Trump and Melania Knauss. Reportedly, the cake weighed more than 200 pounds and cost over $50,000.

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