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As we look forward to a new America with the president Donald Trump set to take office many are still not convinced over the surprise win which many had not anticipated.Bearing the brunt of this loss is Robert E Mook.The American political campaign Strategist or simply campaign manager for Hillary Clinton‘s 2016presidential campaign.He is believed to be the first openly gay campaign manager in the history of US elections.
He has a history of working for state campaigns dating as far as 2004 when he worked for Howard Dean in his bid for the presidency.He was also working for Hillary in her campaign 2008 as her state director for 3 states.He joined the Democratic National Committee and has served Democratic candidates since 2004.
Besides this, he has also worked for Senator Jeanne Shaheen in the election for US Senate in the fall of 2008, Committee executive director of Democratic Congressional Committeeman 2012 as well as campaign manager for Terry McAuliffe in his sucessful Gubernatoria campaign of 2013.

Robby Mook early life

Robby Mook was born on December3,1979 in Sharon, Vermont US to Kathryn and Delo Mook.He was raised in Norwich,a cross a river from Hanover, New Hampshire.Both retired now his father was a phsics professor at the Dartmouth College(Hanover) and his mother was a hospital Administrator at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical center(Lisbon).Lets just say he attended Hanover High school, graduated from Columbia university in 2002 with a Bachelor of arts in Classics.He started his political carrer with MattDunne whom he met in high school by volunteering in his re election campaign.He served US Senate Page programs also.

Robby Mook professional life

He started his life in politics from a paid staffer job for the Vermont Democratic House Campaign to elect Democrats of the Vermont House.He was in his freshman year in Columbia at that time and it is safe to say he has always been a Democrat as he has never worked for a Republican candidate.He then worked as a field director in the 2002 Vermont Gubernatorial elections which the

democrats unfortunately

did not win.He served Dean in his bid for 2004 presidential election as a deputy field director, David W.Marsden in 2005 by managing a campaign, Martin O’Malley in 2006 where finally an election was won.He later served Ben Cardin who also defeated Michael Steele and won the US Senate election.

Robby Mook as the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton

With that being said his career’s highlight was Hillary Clinton.He first served Hillary in her 2008 presidential campaign as the campaign’s state director for Nevada, Indiana and Ohio where Clinto won the popular votes in all these states.Same year he served Jeanne Shaheen in her sucessful US Senate campaign.He joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) the following year as their political director and was named the independent expenditure director of the DCCC next year.

Then the bad luck caught up and in 2010 House of Representatives election Demorcrats lost the majority but he was named executive director because why not?
He left the DCCC in 2013 and became campaign manager for Terry McAuliffe in the Gubematorial campaign.He gained fame and became Politico magazine’s “50 Poiliticos to watch” and to top it off McAuliffe also won the election.
Highlight of Mook’s career is undoubtedly the 2016 elections where he was hired as a strategist along with Joel Benenson in January2015 by Hilary Clinton.He was introduced as the campaign manager.

His earning was $121000 annually which may seem lower than that of other presidential campaign managers however it is similar to that of other staffers at the Clinton camp.In the campaign he made a group of 150 or so political operatives who earned the name “Mook Mafia”.

First gay campaign manager

Mook claims he is the first gay manager of a major presidential campaign(no offence but we can’t believe every thing we hear).While he was being praised in the beginning of the campaigns for gaining the LGBT support following the shock defeat it seems even Mook can’t escape the wrath of the angry democrats and Hillary supporters who is now being criticized by the same supporters.Now LGBT political observers are calling for a reassessment of the Democratic party.
Democrats are agreeing that campaign manager Robby Mook took on a wrong strategy pursing a campaign focused too much on projecting Clinton as an established candidate.If he had succeded he would have made 2 huge accomplishments in the history of the US election by being the first openly gay campaign manager and having elected the first female president.

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