Tiffany Trump and her college boyfriend Ross Mechanic are together since the last 14 months. The UPenn graduate Tiffany and to-be UPenn graduate Ross Mechanic are recently being spotted together at various places, including the 2016 presidential debates and GOP National Convention. This photo comes from the Instagram wall of Tiffany Trump around 5 months ago at RNC.

Tiffany and Ross were also together during the UPenn Class of 2016 graduation ceremony. Prior to the convocation day in May, Tiffany posted this photo on her Instagram wall.

For their recent outings, the couple has spent some quality time together at Winter Wonderland in New York. Reportedly, Tiffany also managed to get permission from her father to spend time at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. With no doubt, these memorable times have brought the two closer. Around 10 months ago, this photo was taken at New York City.

While most of the newly paired up couples refrain from being featured in the media, this unusual couple is publicly open about their relationship. A few weeks ago, the couple had been to a wedding. Tiffany was the maid of honor.

In October, on the occasion of Tiffany’s birthday, Ross Mechanic posted this picture on his Instagram with a caption ‘Happy Birthday’.

Out of all the pics shared by the couple, this one seems particularly playful and romantic. The pic was posted by Ross Mechanic on Instagram around 17 weeks ago.

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