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Covering weather reports for more than three decades, named the Houston Chronicle ‘s ” Ultimate Weathercaster, ” Frank Billingsley is most prolifically recognized as the KPRC2 chief meteorologist. A veteran meteorologist, he is the recipient of the Associated Best Weathercaster Awards

The early life of Frank Billingsley

Born on 23 June 1960, Frank Billingsley, who has fascinating blue eyes, grew up in the family of his adopted parents in Alabama. He grew up hearing stories about his biological parents, whose blue eyes he inherited; that his mother was beautiful and clever and his father was a great athlete. He was determined to find his biological parents for nearly half his life. And he finally found his father and mother by rigorous searching, DNA testing, and exploration. This long journey to find his parents in his book Swabbed & Found: An Adopted Man’s DNA Journey to Discover His Family Tree (2017) included. In his education, he graduated from Washington and Lee University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. And later attended the Mississipi State University, where he obtained the Broadcast Meteorology Certification in 1989.

Frank Billingsley’s Net worth

In 1986, he began his professional career with WLOX. After serving at WLOX for two years, he started to work at KTRK – TV in 1989 and has since called his home to Houston. In 1995, when he joined KPRC 2 as the chief meteorologist, he finally achieved his career highlight. And his career has continuously flourished since then. He also served as a Weather Ecology Specialist at Ecology Communications Group Inc. between 2013 and 2014. As a meteorologist based in Houston for more than three decades, he is estimated to earn an average salary between $ 29,679 and $ 71,424. And with the number of wages earned, it is no surprise that he also has a decent net value for himself.

Frank Billingsley is a Cancer Diagnosed patient

A seemingly dark cloud hit its bright sky when it was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was revealed publicly in September 2018. This meteorologist, however, did not let the news shatter him. He is hopeful and optimistic that his health will be recovered. With a more optimistic approach, this brave man helps to make his spectators aware of prostate cancer.

The Personal life of Frank Billingsley

He’s not married to a wife but a married man, moving on to his love life. He has been married to his husband Kevin Gilliard (a specialist in human resources for Compucom Internet Solutions) for six years, and certainly more. The number 12 is of special significance to Frank and his husband because the couple got married on 12/12/12. After 17 years of dating, this lovely gay couple tied the knot to a traditional wedding ceremony in NYC. And this gay couple is not just a two-man family, but a three – man family. They have a son named Morgan (the child of Kevin from an earlier marriage) whom they raised. And they have also a pet named Ocean, a white schnauzer. Along the way, may the rainbow of happiness always shower upon this beautiful Frank family!

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